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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
12010Web-based learning environments supporting socio-scientific decision makingNicolaidou, Iolie ; Michael, Georgia ; Papadouris, Nicos ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. ; Kolias, Vasilis ; Asher, Itay ; Tabak, Iris ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
21-Jan-2014Towards a theoretical model of immersion in inquiry-based science learningGeorgiou, Yiannis ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
32009Toward a technology community in the learning sciencesAleahmad, Turadg; Slotta, James D.; Kyza, Eleni A. 
42010Scaffolding students in evaluating the credibility of evidence using a reflective web-based inquiry environment on BiotechnologyKafouris, Dimitris ; Nicolaidou, Iolie ; Terzian, Frederiki ; Hadjichambis, Andreas Ch. ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
52012The role of online communities in science teachers' continuous professional developmentIoannou, Andri ; Kyza, Eleni A. ; Georgiou, Yiannis 
630-Oct-2017The role of gamification in activating primary school students' intrinsic and extrinsic motivation at a museumIoannou, Ioanna ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
72009Researchers and practitioners as co-designers of a learning environment in BiotechnologyNicolaidou, Iolie ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
81-Jan-2008Promises, challenges, and realities of a design-based approach to e-portfoliosKyza, Eleni A. 
9Apr-2019PrefaceOinas-Kukkonen, Harri ; Win, Khin Than ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Karppinen, Pasi ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
102010Participatory design to support students' web-based inquiry of complex, socio-scientific problemsOldershaw, Cally ; Nicolaidou, Iolie ; Michael, Georgia ; Papadouris, Nicos ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. ; Kolias, Vassilis ; Davaris, Thanassis ; Asher, Itay ; Tabak, Iris ; Redfors, Andreas ; Hansson, Lena ; Rosberg, Maria ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
11Jun-2016Obtaining rich data in augmented reality settings: A comparison of three data collection approachesKyza, Eleni A. ; Georgiou, Yiannis ; Souropetsis, Markos ; Agesilaou, Andria 
12Oct-2019Navigating the post-truth era: trust, misinformation, and credibility assessment on online social media.Κύζα, Ελένη ; Varda, Christiana 
132011A multi-modal, web-based inquiry learning environment on Genetically Modified OrganismsHerodotou, Christothea ; Nicolaidou, Iolie ; Hadjichambis, Andreas Ch. ; Terzian, Frederiki ; Kafouris, Dimitris ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
142011Making Biotechnology interesting for secondary school students through web-based inquiryNicolaidou, Iolie ; Terzian, Frederiki ; Hadjichambis, Andreas Ch. ; Kafouris, Dimitris ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
159-Sep-2013An investigation of two methods for the technological mediation of collaborative peer feedback in higher educationPavlou, Andria ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
1630-Oct-2017The investigation of concept mapping as a scaffolding tool in a technologically-mediated, mobile learning, augmented reality environmentPantela, Nicoletta ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
17Jun-2018Investigating the coupling of narrative and locality in augmented reality educational activities: Effects on students’ immersion and learning gainsGeorgiou, Yiannis ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
182011Increasing International capacity for cscl: coreflect, an example of sharing and adapting cscl environments across europeNicolaidou, Iolie ; Herodotou, Christothea ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
192009How do we study the blogosphere? Research and methods of assessing the impact of blogging on the public sphereKyza, Eleni A. ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
202011Factors influencing secondary students’ attitudes towards biotechnology: a review of the literatureNicolaidou, Iolie ; Terzian, Frederiki ; Hadjichambis, Andreas Ch. ; Kafouris, Dimitris ; Kyza, Eleni A.