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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2017Biodiversity and ochratoxin A profile of Aspergillus section Nigri populations isolated from wine grapes in Cyprus vineyardsPantelides, Iakovos ; Aristeidou, Efi ; Lazari, Maria ; Tsolakidou, Maria Dimitra ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios ; Christofidou, Maria ; Kafouris, Demetris ; Christou, Eftychia ; Ioannou, Nicolas 
23-Mar-2007Death Don’t Have No Mercy and Neither Does Calcium:Arabidopsis cyclic nucleotide gated channel2 and Innate ImmunityAli, Rashid ; Ma, Wei ; Lemtiri-Chlieh, Fouad ; Leng, Qiang ; Bodman, Susannne von ; Berkowitz, Gerald A. ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
3Jun-2019Disruption and Overexpression of the Gene Encoding ACC (1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylic Acid) Deaminase in Soil-Borne Fungal Pathogen Verticillium dahliae Revealed the Role of ACC as a Potential Regulator of Virulence and Plant DefenseTsolakidou, Maria Dimitra ; Pantelides, Lakovos S. ; Tzima, Aliki K. ; Kang, Seogchan ; Paplomatas, Epaminondas J. ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
420-Jun-2018Enterococci isolated from Cypriot green table olives as a new source of technological and probiotic propertiesAnagnostopoulos, Dimitrios A. ; Bozoudi, Despina ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
516-Jan-2014First report of Downy Mildew caused by peronospora belbahrii on sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) in CyprusKanetis, Loukas ; Vasiliou, A. ; Neophytou, G. ; Samouel, S. ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
61-Sep-2015Isolation, identification and in vitro screening of grapevine yeasts for the control of black aspergilli on grapesPantelides, Iakovos ; Christou, Ourania ; Tsolakidou, Maria Dimitra ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios ; Ioannou, Nicolas 
72017Microbiological Characteristics of Trachanas, a Traditional Fermented Dairy Product from CyprusBozoudi, Despina ; Agathokleous, Maria ; Anastasiou, Iacovos ; Papademas, Photis ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
81-Aug-2013Molecular typing of cyst-forming nematodes globodera pallida and G.rostochiensis, using real-time PCR and evaluation of five methods for template preparationPapayiannis, Lambros C. ; Christoforou, Michalis ; Markou, Yiannis M. ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
99-Oct-2018The multiple and versatile roles of Aureobasidium pullulans in the vitivinicultural sectorBozoudi, Despina ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
10Jul-2013Potential application of Saccharomyces boulardii as a probiotic in goat's yoghurt: survival and organoleptic effectsKaraolis, Constantinos ; Pantelides, Iakovos ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios ; Botsaris, George 
1111-Apr-2006Quorum-sensing regulation governs bacterial adhesion, biofilm development, and host colonization in Pantoea stewartii subspecies stewartiiKoutsoudis, Maria D. ; Minogue, Timothy D. ; von Bodman, Susanne B. ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
121-Jan-2014Rapid detection and quantification of viable potato cyst nematodes using qPCR in combination with propidium monoazideChristoforou, Michalis ; Pantelides, Iakovos ; Kanetis, Loukas ; Ioannou, Nicolas ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
13Apr-2008Rapid in vitro microindexing of viroids in citrusKapari-Isaia, T. ; Kyriakou, A. P. ; Papayiannis, Lambros C. ; Gregoriou, S. ; Psaltis, I. ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios 
141-Mar-2017Raw donkey milk as a source of Enterococcus diversity: Assessment of their technological properties and safety characteristicsAspri, Maria ; Bozoudi, Despina ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios ; Hill, Colin ; Papademas, Photis