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1Jul-2021Supercritical CO2 extraction of oil from Arctic charr side streams from filleting processingSemenoglou, Ioanna ; Eliasson, Lovisa ; Uddstål, Roger ; Tsironi, Theofania ; Taoukis, Petros ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 
2Feb-2017Review on the control of ice nucleation by ultrasound waves, electric and magnetic fieldsDalvi-Isfahan, Mohsen ; Hamdami, Nasser ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; LeBail, Alain Journal of Food Engineering 
3Aug-2019Review on identification, underlying mechanisms and evaluation of freezing damageDalvi-Isfahan, Mohsen ; Jha, Piyush Kumar ; Tavakoli, Javad ; Daraei-Garmakhany, Amir ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; LeBail, Alain Journal of Food Engineering 
4Nov-2016The principles of high voltage electric field and its application in food processing: A reviewDalvi-Isfahan, Mohsen ; Hamdami, Nasser ; LeBail, Alain ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas Food Research International 
52021Potential of Wastewater Valorization after Wet Extraction of Proteins from Faba Bean and Pea FloursAlbolafio, Sofía ; Gil, María I. ; Allende, Ana ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas Recent Progress in Materials 
6Apr-2019Port-2-port communication enhancing short sea shipping performance: The case study of Cyprus and the Eastern MediterraneanMichaelides, Michalis P. ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Lind, Mikael ; Watson, Richard T. Sustainability 
7Nov-2020Perspectives from CO+RE: How COVID-19 changed our food systems and food security paradigmsBakalis, Serafim ; Valdramidis, Vasilis P. ; Argyropoulos, Dimitrios ; Ahrne, Lilia ; Chen, Jianshe ; Cullen, P. J. ; Cummins, Enda ; Datta, Ashim K. ; Emmanouilidis, Christos ; Foster, Tim ; Fryer, Peter J. ; Gouseti, Ourania ; Hospido, Almudena ; Knoerzer, Kai ; LeBail, Alain ; Marangoni, Alejandro G. ; Rao, Pingfan ; Schlüter, Oliver K. ; Taoukis, Petros ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Van Impe, Jan F. M. Current Research in Food Science 
8Oct-2017An overview on magnetic field and electric field interactions with ice crystallisation; application in the case of frozen foodJha, Piyush Kumar ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Jury, Vanessa ; LeBail, Alain Crystals 
9Jun-2021Mixed legume systems of pea protein and unrefined lentil fraction: Textural properties and microstructureJohansson, Mathias ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Langton, Maud ; Menzel, Carolin ; Vilaplana, Francisco ; Johansson, Daniel P. ; Lopez-Sanchez, Patricia LWT-Food Science and Technology 
1015-Jul-2020Microwave-assisted extraction of polysaccharides from the marshmallow roots: Optimization, purification, structure, and bioactivityHashemifesharaki, Reza ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Altintas, Zeynep ; Guo, Yan ; Gharibzahedi, Seyed Mohammad Taghi Carbohydrate Polymers 
11Sep-2021Impact of wet-mix total solids content and heat treatment on physicochemical and techno-functional properties of infant milk formula powdersRodríguez Arzuaga, Mariana ; Felix da Silva, Denise ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Aalaei, Kataneh ; Czaja, Tomasz Pawel ; Añón, María Cristina ; Abraham, Analía G. ; Ahrne, Lilia Powder Technology 
12Jul-2020From winery waste to bioactive compounds and new polymeric biocomposites: A contribution to the circular economy conceptFerri, Maura ; Vannini, Micaela ; Ehrnell, Maria ; Eliasson, Lovisa ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Monari, Stefania ; Sisti, Laura ; Marchese, Paola ; Celli, Annamaria ; Tassoni, Annalisa Journal of Advanced Research 
13Aug-2018Effect of microwave assisted blanching on the ascorbic acid oxidase inactivation and vitamin C degradation in frozen mangoesXanthakis, Epameinondas ; Gogou, Eleni ; Taoukis, Petros ; Ahrne, Lilia Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 
1430-Mar-2020Effect of innovative microwave assisted freezing (MAF) on the quality attributes of apples and potatoesJha, Piyush Kumar ; Chevallier, Sylvie ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Jury, Vanessa ; LeBail, Alain Food Chemistry 
152020Cascade strategies for the full valorisation of Garganega white grape pomace towards bioactive extracts and bio-based materialsMonari, Stefania ; Ferri, Maura ; Vannini, Micaela ; Sisti, Laura ; Marchese, Paola ; Ehrnell, Maria ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Celli, Annamaria ; Tassoni, Annalisa PLoS ONE 
161-Oct-2020Bolus rheology and ease of swallowing of particulated semi-solid foods as evaluated by an elderly panelBen Tobin, Aarti ; Mihnea, Mihaela ; Hildenbrand, Marie ; Miljkovic, Ana ; Garrido-Bañuelos, Gonzalo ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Lopez-Sanchez, Patricia Food & Function 
17Dec-2019Benchmarking of techniques used to assess the freeze damage in potatoesJha, Piyush Kumar ; Vidot, Kevin ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Falourd, Xavier ; Fontaine, Joran ; Jury, Vanessa ; LeBail, Alain Journal of Food Engineering 
18Jul-2019Assessment of freeze damage in fruits and vegetablesJha, Piyush Kumar ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Chevallier, Sylvie ; Jury, Vanessa ; LeBail, Alain Food Research International 
19Oct-2018Advances of electro-freezing in food processingJha, Piyush Kumar ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Jury, Vanessa ; Havet, Michel ; LeBail, Alain Current Opinion in Food Science