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The journal publishes original research and review papers on any subject at the interface between food and engineering, particularly those of relevance to industry, including: Engineering properties of foods, food physics and physical chemistry; processing, measurement, control, packaging, storage and distribution; engineering aspects of the design and production of novel foods and of food service and catering; design and operation of food processes, plant and equipment; economics of food engineering, including the economics of alternative processes.
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1Dec-2019Benchmarking of techniques used to assess the freeze damage in potatoesJha, Piyush Kumar ; Vidot, Kevin ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Falourd, Xavier ; Fontaine, Joran ; Jury, Vanessa ; LeBail, Alain 
2Nov-2019Cross-European initial survey on the use of mathematical models in food industryDjekic, Ilija ; Mujčinović, Alen ; Nikolić, Aleksandra ; Jambrak, Anet Režek ; Papademas, Photis ; Feyissa, Aberham Hailu ; Kansou, Kamal ; Thomopoulos, Rallou ; Breisen, Heiko ; Kavallieratos, Nickolas G. ; Athanassiou, Christos G. ; Silva, Cristina L.M. ; Sirbu, Alexandrina ; Moisescu, Alexandru Mihnea ; Tomasevic, Igor ; Brodnjak, Urška Vrabič ; Charalambides, Maria ; Tonda, Alberto 
3Aug-2019Review on identification, underlying mechanisms and evaluation of freezing damageDalvi-Isfahan, Mohsen ; Jha, Piyush Kumar ; Tavakoli, Javad ; Daraei-Garmakhany, Amir ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; LeBail, Alain 
4Feb-2017Review on the control of ice nucleation by ultrasound waves, electric and magnetic fieldsDalvi-Isfahan, Mohsen ; Hamdami, Nasser ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; LeBail, Alain 
5Mar-2015Dry mixing of food powders: Effect of water content and composition on mixture quality of binary mixturesShenoy, Pooja ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Innings, Fredrik ; Jonsson, Caroline ; Fitzpatrick, John ; Ahrne, Lilia 
6Jan-2014Introducing the concept of sono-chemical potential: A phenomenological model for ultrasound assisted extractionOrphanides, Antia ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Gekas, Vassilis 
7Jul-2010Clarification of high-added value products from olive mill wastewaterGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis