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11-Mar-1998Sex-related differences of public relations managers in consumer goods companies in Greece and ItalyPanigyrakis, George G. ; Veloutsou, Cleopatra A. Gender in Management 
21-Jan-2019Seven HCI Grand ChallengesStephanidis, Constantine ; Salvendy, Gavriel ; Antona, Margherita ; Chen, Jessie Y.C. ; Dong, Jianming ; Duffy, Vincent G. ; Fang, Xiaowen ; Fidopiastis, Cali ; Fragomeni, Gino ; Fu, Limin Paul ; Guo, Yinni ; Harris, Don ; Ioannou, Andri ; Jeong, Kyeong ah (Kate) ; Konomi, Shin’ichi ; Krömker, Heidi ; Kurosu, Masaaki ; Lewis, James R. ; Marcus, Aaron ; Meiselwitz, Gabriele ; Moallem, Abbas ; Mori, Hirohiko ; Fui-Hoon Nah, Fiona ; Ntoa, Stavroula ; Rau, Pei Luen Patrick ; Schmorrow, Dylan ; Siau, Keng ; Streitz, Norbert ; Wang, Wentao ; Yamamoto, Sakae ; Zaphiris, Panayiotis ; Zhou, Jia International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 
3Aug-2012One-to-many Neural Network Mapping Techniques for Face Image SynthesisJayne, Chrisina ; Christodoulou, Chris ; Lanitis, Andreas Expert systems with applications 
41-Aug-1999Brand managers' relations with industrial service providers in pharmaceutical and other companiesPanigyrakis, George G. ; Veloutsou, Cleopatra A. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing