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Expert Systems With Applications has an open access mirror journal (Expert Systems with Applications: X), sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team, submission system and rigorous peer review.
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12010Assessing critical success factors for military decision supportLouvieris, Panos ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Garn, Wolfgang 
215-May-2018Deep learning with t-exponential Bayesian kitchen sinksPartaourides, Harris ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
3Sep-2012The echo state conditional random field model for sequential data modelingChatzis, Sotirios P. ; Demiris, Yiannis 
41-Dec-2013Erratum: Maximum-margin classification of sequential data with infinitely-long temporal dependenciesChatzis, Sotirios P. 
51-Dec-2018Forecasting stock market crisis events using deep and statistical machine learning techniquesChatzis, Sotirios P. ; Siakoulis, Vassilis ; Petropoulos, Anastasios ; Stavroulakis, Evangelos ; Vlachogiannakis, Nikos 
6Jul-2011A fuzzy c-means-type algorithm for clustering of data with mixed numeric and categorical attributes employing a probabilistic dissimilarity functionalChatzis, Sotirios P. 
71-Sep-2013Margin-maximizing classification of sequential data with infinitely-long temporal dependenciesChatzis, Sotirios P. 
8Jul-2016A novel corporate credit rating system based on Student’s-t hidden Markov modelsPetropoulos, Anastasios ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. ; Xanthopoulos, Stylianos 
9Nov-2011Numerical optimization using synergetic swarms of foraging bacterial populationsChatzis, Sotirios P. ; Koukas, Spyros 
10Jun-2012A sparse nonparametric hierarchical Bayesian approach towards inductive transfer for preference modelingChatzis, Sotirios P. ; Demiris, Yiannis 
11Dec-2012A spatially-constrained normalized gamma process priorKorkinof, Dimitrios ; Demiris, Yiannis ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
1230-Dec-2017A stacked generalization system for automated FOREX portfolio tradingPetropoulos, Anastasios ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. ; Siakoulis, Vasilis ; Vlachogiannakis, Nikos