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12009The world of agritourists: A psychological perspectiveChristou, Prokopis A. ; Lashley, Conrad ; Saveriades, Alexis Tourismos 
22010The use of ethnography to explore tourist satisfaction antecedentsChristou, Prokopis A. ; Saveriades, Alexis Tourismos 
32019The traumatic brain injury mitigation effects of a new viscoelastic add-on linerSiegkas, Petros ; Sharp, David J. ; Ghajari, Mazdak Scientific Reports 
41-Jul-2021TAGA: Tabu Asexual Genetic Algorithm embedded in a filter/filter feature selection approach for high-dimensional dataSalesi, Sadegh ; Cosma, Georgina ; Mavrovouniotis, Michalis Information Sciences 
51-Apr-2017A survey of swarm intelligence for dynamic optimization: Algorithms and applicationsMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Li, Changhe ; Yang, Shengxiang Swarm and Evolutionary Computation 
6May-2012A Supply-Side Evaluation of Coastal Tourism Diversification: The Case of CyprusFarmaki, Anna Tourism Planning and Development 
730-May-2017Simulating the opto-thermal processes involved in laser induced self-assembly of surface and sub-surface plasmonic nano-structuringBellas, Dimitris V. ; Toliopoulos, Dimosthenis ; Kalfagiannis, Nikolaos ; Siozios, Anastasios ; Nikolaou, Petros ; Kelires, Pantelis C. ; Koutsogeorgis, Demosthenes C. ; Patsalas, Panos A. ; Lidorikis, Elefterios Thin Solid Films 
8Aug-2002Scale of hospitality firms and local economic development - Evidence from CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos Tourism Management 
9Jan-2009Sacred site experience : a phenomenological studyAndriotis, Konstantinos Annals of Tourism Research 
104-Nov-2022A review of challenges and framework development for corrosion fatigue life assessment of monopile-supported horizontal-axis offshore wind turbinesOkenyi, Victor ; Bodaghi, Mahdi ; Mansfield, Neil ; Afazov, Shukri ; Siegkas, Petros Ships and Offshore Structures 
11Jun-2009The pattern-matching approach and its application in tourism developmentVaughan, David Roger ; Andriotis, Konstantinos Current Issues in Tourism 
122008Measuring tourist satisfaction: A factor-cluster segmentation approachAgiomirgianakis, George ; Mihiotis, Athanasios ; Andriotis, Konstantinos Journal of Vacation Marketing 
1314-May-2020Laser induced ultrafast combustion synthesis of solution-based AlO<inf>: X </inf>for thin film transistorsCarlos, Emanuel ; Dellis, Spilios ; Kalfagiannis, Nikolaos ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. ; Koutsogeorgis, Demosthenes C. ; Branquinho, Rita ; Martins, Rodrigo ; Fortunato, Elvira Journal of Materials Chemistry C 
142021Large Deformation Finite Element Analyses for 3D X-ray CT Scanned Microscopic Structures of Polyurethane FoamsIizuka, Makoto ; Goto, Ryohei ; Siegkas, Petros ; Simpson, Benjamin ; Mansfield, Neil Materials 
152008Integrated resort development: The case of Cavo Sidero, CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos Journal of Sustainable Tourism 
163-Nov-2020Insoles of uniform softer material reduced plantar pressure compared to dual-material insoles during regular and loaded gaitMelia, Georgia ; Siegkas, Petros ; Levick, Jodie ; Apps, Charlotte Applied Ergonomics 
179-Sep-2019High strain rate behaviour of nano-quasicrystalline Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 alloy and compositesPedrazzini, Stella ; Galano, Marina L. ; Audebert, Fernando E. ; Siegkas, Petros ; Gerlach, Robert ; Tagarielli, Vito L. ; Smith, George D.W. Materials Science and Engineering: A 
18Jun-2022Grip socks improve slalom course performance and reduce in-shoe foot displacement of the forefoot in male and female sports playersApps, Charlotte ; Dawson, Laura ; Shering, Billy ; Siegkas, Petros Journal of Sports Sciences 
192020Dimensional considerations on the mechanical properties of 3D printed polymer partsSiegkas, Petros Polymer Testing 
201-Jan-2022CSR communication and international marketing: Insights from the COVID-19 pandemicFarmaki, Anna ; Hadjielias, Elias ; Olya, Hossein ; Taheri, Babak ; Drotarova, Maria Hadjielia