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Materials is an open access journal of related scientific research and technology development. It publishes reviews, regular research papers (articles) and short communications. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. Therefore, there is no restriction on the length of the papers. The full experimental details must be provided so that the results can be reproduced.
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11-Aug-2020Nitrobenzene as additive to improve reproducibility and degradation resistance of highly efficient methylammonium-free inverted Perovskite solar cellsIoakeimidis, Apostolos ; Choulis, Stelios A. 
21-Jun-2020Simple, accurate and user-friendly differential constitutive model for the rheology of entangled polymer melts and solutions from nonequilibrium thermodynamicsStephanou, Pavlos S. ; Tsimouri, Ioanna Ch ; Mavrantzas, Vlasis G. 
31-Apr-2020Synthesis and characterization of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon (HDLC) nanocomposite films with metal (Ag, Cu) nanoparticlesKoutsokeras, Loukas E. ; Constantinou, Marios ; Nikolaou, Petros ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Kelires, Pantelis C. 
42018Fiber Bragg Gratings in CYTOP Fibers Embedded in a 3D-Printed Flexible Support for Assessment of Human⁻Robot Interaction ForcesLeal-Junior, Arnaldo ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Díaz, Camilo ; Marques, Carlos ; Pontes, Maria José ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Frizera-Neto, Anselmo 
524-Nov-2014Microfluidic flows and heat transfer and their influence on optical modes in microstructure fibersDavies, Edward M. ; Florides, Georgios A. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Christodoulides, Paul