Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi (rp00032)

Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi
Παπαδήμα Σοφοκλέους Σαλώμη

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TitleReview typeAcademic Year
EuroCALL Conference: Theory and Practice, Nottingham University, UK. September 2011: abstract reviewerConference2019-2020
FLIT (Foreign Language Instructional Technology) Conference: Theory and Practice, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology. November 2010: abstract reviewer.Conference2010-2011
Tenth National Conference on Community Languages and ESOL (English for Speaker of Other Languages) in Aotearoa, New Zealand. CLESOL 2006 Napier, New Zealand: paper reviewerConference2006-2007
WorldCALL abstract reviewConference2017-2018
Literacy & Contemporary Society Conference Cyprus, abstract reviewerConference2017-2018
EuroCALL Short Papers publication reviewerConference2016-2017
EuroCALL conference abstract reviewerConference2015-2016
EuroCALL conference abstract reviewerConference2019-2020
Sage Open Article ReviewJournal2017-2018
TEwT Journal NovemberJournal2017-2018
TEwT Journal FebruaryJournal2017-2018
CALICO Journal Article Reviewer, SeptemberJournal2017-2018
CALICO Journal Article ReviewerJournal2016-2017
CALICO Journal article reviewerJournal2015-2016
CALICO Journal article reviewerJournal2014-2015
CALICO Journal article reviewerJournal2013-2014
2nd International Conference, «Literacy and Contemporary Society: Spaces, Discourses, Practices»«Literacy and Contemporary Society: 28-29 November 2017Conference2017-2018
FLIT Conference abstract and book paper reviewerConference2013-2014
EuroCALL conference abstract reviewerConference2013-2014
WorldCALL Conference: Sustainability and Computer Assisted Language Learning, University of Ulster, GlasgowConference2013-2014