Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi
Παπαδήμα Σοφοκλέους Σαλώμη
Dr. Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous is an Assistant Professor. Her qualifications include: BA in French and Greek Philology (National and Capodestrian University of Athens, 1978). Postgraduate studies: Postgraduate Diploma in Education, French and Greek Methodology (La Trobe University, 1981); Postgraduate Certificate in TESOL (La Trobe, 1999); Master in Language Curriculum Development and Evaluation – Greek as a second (La Trobe, 1999); Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Assisted Language Learning (Melbourne University, 1999 ); Master in French Literature (University of New England, 2001); Doctorate in Applied Linguistics Development, implementation, and Evaluation of an Online English Placement Test at College Level: A case study (Middlesex University, 2005). She taught languages (French, Greek and Italian) in various government secondary schools in Melbourne Australia; she was examiner and chief examiner for Greek (Victorian Certificate of Education), committee member for the accreditation and review of language Common Standards Frameworks and language curricula in Melbourne; she taught languages teaching methodology at La Trobe University and Language Teaching Methodology and Computer Assisted Language Learning at RMIT university, both on campus and online (Melbourne) (1981-2001). She taught French, English for Academic Purposes and for Secretarial Studies, Greek, TEFL and CALL at Intercollege and TEFL, CALL, Academic English, and French for Culinary Arts at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus; she coordinated the common Dprof Programme of University of Nicosia and Middlesex University (2001-2010) and acted as advisor for Dprof students (2013). She was consultant for the establishment of the Cyprus University of Technology Language Centre and coordinator (2 semesters, 2007-2008) and visiting lecturer (spring 2009). She has been its director since January 2010. She is a member of the following committees: 1. Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture: a. Language Curricula Review; b. Examination Council; c. Greek as a second language government school programme review. 2. CERCLES committee for the development of Quality Control Guidelines for European University Language Centres. She has been the teacher trainer for teachers of French and still is for the teachers of English for the implementation of the Republic of Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture school New Language Curricula. Research Interests She has developed printed and digital learning material for Greek and French. She has also developed NEPTON (New English Placement Test Online). She has established the Centre of Language Interactive and Cooperative Learning (CLILC) at CUT LC; She participated in local, European and International programmes for the evaluation of language programmes, the development of language learning material, the development of language teacher-training programmes, Computer Assisted Language Learning programmes, primary and secondary school student research programmes, and European programmes for the encouragement of teenagers to read literature. Her current research interests include: 1. CALL as an integral part of Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP); 2. CALL Professional Development Online; L2 Teacher Curriculum Development and Computer Assisted Language Assessment & Testing (CALAT) Teacher Training; Virtual Worlds in L2 digital Curriculum Development & Evaluation Teacher Education; The Role of L2 practicing teachers as classroom assessors and testers; 3. The history of language assessment and testing in Cyprus. 4. Languages of Cyprus.