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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Συσχετίσεις ανάμεσα σε τεμαχιακές, φωνολογικές και λεξιλογικές ικανότητες σε τυπική γλωσσική ανάπτυξηΠετινού, Κάκια ; Armostis, Spyros ; Taxitari, Loukia 
22017Segmental, phonological and semantic interphases in typically developing toddlersPetinou, Kakia ; Armostis, Spyros ; Taxitari, Loukia 
32016Provision of Augmentative and Alternative Communication services to people with disabilitiesPampoulou, Eliada ; Petinou, Kakia 
4Oct-2001Plural suffixation skills in Cypriot Greek speaking children with specific language impairment: two competing hypothesesPetinou, Kakia ; Hadzigeorgiou, L. 
52017Mastering word-initial syllable onsets by Cypriot Greek toddlers with and without early language delayPetinou, Kakia ; Armostis, Spyros 
62000Language characteristics of Cypriot Greek speaking children with specific language impairmentPetinou, Kakia ; Terzi, A. 
71996The impact of otitis media on early speech development: Preliminary data on phonetic inventoriesPetinou, Kakia ; Mody, M. ; Schwartz, R. ; Gravel, J. 
82011Grammatical skills in Greek and Cypriot children with Specific Language Impairment: A comparison studyMastropavlou, Maria ; Petinou, Kakia 
92017Factors affecting the perception of plosives in second language English by first language Cypriot-Greek listenersKkese, Elena ; Petinou, Kakia 
102003The development of voice onset time in Greek and Cypriot Greek preschoolers: A cross sectional investigationPetinou, Kakia ; Okalidou, Areti 
112001Clitic misplacement in Cypriot Greek children with specific language impairmentPetinou, Kakia ; Terzi, A. 
12Nov-2011Bilingual issues in Specific Language Impairment: Clinical and Research findingsPetinou, Kakia