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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2011Recovery of essential oils from carobs through various extraction methodsOrphanides, Antia ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Chrysostomou, M. ; Gekas, Vassilis 
22010Nanofiltration : towards a breakthroughGiagou, D. ; Foudoulis, G. ; Gekas, Vassilis 
315-Sep-2011An idea for a new modeling approach of climatic changes. A correlation study for CyprusPittaki, Z. ; Orphanides, Antia ; Gekas, Vassilis 
44-Oct-2010Combining green and smart elements in a new idea of design of an ecological houseDemertzi, Melina ; Gekas, Vassilis 
52010Applying mathematical analysis in biosciencesHadjigeorgiou, M. ; Gekas, Vassilis