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Chemical Analytical Laboratories “Galanakis”

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11-May-2011Ultrafiltration optimization for the recovery of β-glucan from oat mill wasteGalanakis, Charis M. ; Patsioura, Anna ; Gekas, Vassilis Journal of Membrane Science 
21-Nov-2014Separation and recovery of proteins and sugars from Halloumi cheese wheyGalanakis, Charis M. ; Chasiotis, Stathis ; Botsaris, George ; Gekas, Vassilis Food Research International 
3Apr-2013Recovery and fractionation of different phenolic classes from winery sludge using ultrafiltrationGalanakis, Charis M. ; Markouli, Eleftheria ; Gekas, Vassilis Separation and Purification Technology 
41-Jan-2015Phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of Cypriot winesGalanakis, Charis M. ; Kotanidis, Anestis ; Dianellou, Maria ; Gekas, Vassilis 
521-May-2015Enzyme Kinetics Modeling as a Tool to Optimize Food Industry: A Pragmatic Approach Based on Amylolytic EnzymesGalanakis, Charis M. ; Patsioura, Anna ; Gekas, Vassilis Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition