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1Sep-2017Systematic Review of Gender- dependent outcomes in sepsisPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Middleton, Nicos ; Benbenishty, Julie Sarah ; Williams, Ged F. ; Christofi, Maria Dolores ; Hegadoren, Kathleen Mary Nursing in Critical Care 
22002Store patronage prediction for foreign-owned supermarketsZarkada, Anna K. ; Fraser, Campbell International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 
3Feb-2002Risk perception by UK firms towards the Russian marketZarkada, Anna K. ; Fraser, Campbell International Journal of Project Management 
41-Sep-2015Research Advances in Critical Care: Targeting Patients' Physiological and Psychological OutcomesPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Williams, Ged ; Benbenishty, Julie Sarah 
5Feb-2021Prevalence, associated factors and outcomes of pressure injuries in adult intensive care unit patients: the DecubICUs studyLabeau, Sonia O. ; Afonso, Elsa ; Benbenishty, Julie Sarah ; Blackwood, Bronagh ; Boulanger, Carole ; Brett, Stephen J. ; Calvino-Gunther, Silvia ; Chaboyer, Wendy ; Coyer, Fiona ; Deschepper, Mieke ; François, Guy ; Honore, Patrick M. ; Jankovic, Radmilo ; Khanna, Ashish K. ; Llaurado-Serra, Mireia ; Lin, Frances ; Rose, Louise ; Rubulotta, Francesca ; Saager, Leif ; Williams, Ged F. ; Blot, Stijn I. ; Muzha, Dritan ; Margarit Ribas, Antoni ; Lipovesty, Fernando ; Loudet, Cecilia ; Coyer, Fiona ; Eller, Philipp ; Mostafa, Nafseen ; Honoré, Patrick M. ; Telleria, Vanesa Mercado ; Smajic, Jasmina ; Nogueira, Paula Cristina ; Khalid Mahmood Khan, Nafees ; Hentchoya, Romuald ; Rose, Louise ; Soledad, Javiera ; Lin, Frances ; Cardenas, Yenny ; Reyes, Amylkar Garay ; Sustic, Alan ; Mpouzika, Meropi Intensive Care Medicine 
6Dec-2001The philosophy, structure and objectives of research and development in JapanFraser, Campbell ; Zarkada, Anna K. Construction Management and Economics 
72001Perceptual polarization of managerial performance from a human resource management perspectiveFraser, Campbell ; Zarkada, Anna K. The International Journal of Human Resource Management 
82001Moral decision making in international sales negotiationsZarkada, Anna K. ; Fraser, Campbell Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing 
9Jul-2000Measuring the performance of retail managers in Australia and SingaporeFraser, Campbell ; Zarkada, Anna K. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 
102003Investigating the effectiveness of managers through an analysis of stakeholder perceptionsFraser, Campbell ; Zarkada, Anna K. Journal of Management Development 
111-Dec-2017International Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists' Practices in Working with Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderGillon, Gail ; Hyter, Yvette  ; Fernandes, Fernanda Dreux  ; Ferman, Sara ; Hus, Yvette ; Petinou, Kakia ; Segald, Osnat ; Tumanova, Tatjana  ; Vogindroukas, Ioannis  ; Westby, Carol  ; Westerveld, Marleen Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica 
122002An exploratory investigation into cultural awareness and approach to negotiation of Greek, Russian and British managersFraser, Campbell ; Zarkada, Anna K. European Business Review 
13Mar-2004An Empirical Investigation of Corporate Citizenship in Australia and TurkeyKüskü, Fatma ; Zarkada, Anna K. British Journal of Management 
141-Nov-2020Designers as change agents in the Circular EconomyFleischmann, Katja DISCERN: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
152002Assessment of Indonesia's country risk by Australian manufacturersZarkada, Anna K. ; Fraser, Campbell ; Insch, Andrea Journal of Asia-Pacific Business