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Tourism Review
Understanding and meaning of tourism and all stakeholders in the tourism ecosystem
Tourism business environment and ecosystem
Tourism management, stakeholders and strategies
Tourism demand, markets, consumer behaviour, segmentation
Cocreation of tourism experiences across multiple stakeholders
Tourism policy, governance, community and economic integration
Tourism planning and development, regional planning,
Tourism socio-economic context
Managing and marketing tourism products and services
Destination networks and ecosystems
Destination competitiveness and sources of competitive advantage
Tourism marketing, branding, positioning, promotion, pricing
Information Communication Technology, social media and reputation management
Distribution of tourism and intermediation strategies
Impacts of tourism: economic, socio-cultural and environmental
Financial management, incentives, concessions for tourism development
Sustainability, ecotourism, climate change, triple bottom line and corporate social responsibility
Tourism geography, mobilities, migration, place
Coastal, rural, mountain, urban tourism
Industry: transportation, hospitality, attractions, festivals, leisure
Events and sports tourism, legacy and impacts
Food and drink tourism, trail designs, gastronomy, sustainable food practices and allergens
Crisis management, risk and disaster management, business continuity
Cultural heritage, festivals, art and creative industries
Cultural anthropology, sociology, ethnography
Religious tourism and pilgrimage, cultural routes
Human resources and talent management, global employability
Accessibility, inclusive design and tourism for all
Tourism Review is the oldest and most established journal, with more than 70 years of history in publishing papers, that addresses a wide spectrum of tourism issues. As an inclusive research output platform, Tourism Review aims to incorporate multidisciplinary research and theory as well as best practice to advance the understanding of tourism and to support. Addressing consumers, industry, policy and destinations Tourism Review is exploring the tourism phenomenon and industry holistically as an ecosystem. The journal has a global perspective and encourages exchange of views across geographical regions, cultures and disciplines. Its inclusive strategy encourages publications from all aspects of tourism globally and encourages innovation and diversity. It also aims to stimulate intellectual discussion on how to increase value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The journal ultimately aims to enhance the impact and relevance of tourism research to global society at large.
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17-Apr-2023Editorial: Tourism 2030 and the contribution to the sustainable development goals: the tourism review viewpointBuhalis, Dimitrios ; Leung, Xi Yu ; Fan, Daisy ; Darcy, Simon ; Chen, Ganghua ; Xu, Feifei ; Wei-Han Tan, Garry ; Nunkoo, Robin ; Farmaki, Anna 
21-Jan-2023Women empowerment in tourism: progressing the research agendaEfthymiadou, Fani ; Farmaki, Anna 
32021Sharing economy: peer-to-peer accommodation as a foucauldian heterotopiaFarmaki, Anna ; Stergiou, Dimitrios P. ; Christou, Prokopis A. 
412-Jun-2019Visiting the “enemy”: visitation in politically unstable destinationsFarmaki, Anna ; Antoniou, Katerina ; Christou, Prokopis A. 
512-Jun-2019Visiting the “enemy”: visitation in politically unstable destinationsFarmaki, Anna ; Antoniou, Katerina ; Christou, Prokopis A. 
62017Drafting a realistic tourism policy: the airlines’ strategic influenceLiasidou, Sotiroula 
71-Jan-2001Strategies on resort areas and their lifecycle stagesAndriotis, Konstantinos