Journals DISCERN: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship

DISCERN: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship
DISCERN is a scientific and cross-disciplinary research journal with blind peer review, which publishes open access papers in the broad and multi-faceted area of design for social change. Through original conceptual, theoretical, and empirical research articles, it promotes and shares interdisciplinary and diverse knowledge related to the research and practice of design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in an open, global and multidisciplinary perspective.

The authors and readers of this journal are mainly academics, researchers, postgraduate students, and scholars from the fields of social design, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social sciences, as well as practitioners in the broad area of social design at national and/or international levels, interested in the global debate on the current environmental, social, economic and, cultural societal challenges.

DISCERN is an online research journal published in March (Spring Edition) and September (Fall Edition) of each year. It accepts papers only written in English. There is no fee to publish any submissions in this journal.
Art + Design: elearning lab - design for social change, Cyprus University of Technology
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117-Apr-2021Understanding Single-Use Plastic (SUP) during the COVID-19 lockdown through digital ethnographic researchCortes, Erika Marlene ; Lara, Pamela Garduño ; Mora, David Molina ; Ayvar, Ricardo Serrano 
217-Apr-2021Emancipation and creativity atlasPinto, António Gorgel 
317-Apr-2021CraftDesign for entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainabilitySendra, Dalia ; Ferreira, Ana Margarida 
417-Apr-2021Co-creation in circular cities: A design perspectiveHuang, Li-Ting ; Villari, Beatrice 
517-Apr-2021The neighbourhood home : An environments system from sharing to caringLongo, Ilaria ; Massari, Sonia ; Spalletta, Alessandro 
617-Apr-2021Far-sighted communities : Design meets future studies to boost visioning and participatory foresightGiunta, Elena Enrica ; Cattaneo, Maria Chiara ; Scolozzi, Rocco 
71-Nov-2020It Takes a Village : Community Based Participatory Research as a Design Research ToolDhaundiyal, Dhriti ; Pant, Richa 
81-Nov-2020Circular and Sustainable Design : A systemic design model for the transition to a circular and sustainable economyCamocho, David Geraldes ; Vicente, José ; Ferreira, Ana Margarida 
91-Nov-2020Designers as change agents in the Circular EconomyFleischmann, Katja 
101-Nov-2020Action-centred design to find opportunities in times of multiple crises : Designing a toolkit from a participatory conferenceFuad-Luke, Alastair ; Yavuz, Seçil Uğur ; Sy, Corinna ; Schubert, Jennifer ; Krois, Kris 
111-Nov-2020Comparing methods of transport in an age of social distancingCherai, Rime ; Gayomali, Jonathan ; Benítez, Nuria 
121-Nov-2020Co-design for social innovation and organisational change : Developing horizontal relationships in a social enterprise through walkingCalvo, Mirian ; Sclater, Madeleine 
131-Nov-2020Innovating with social justice: Anti-oppressive social work design frameworkSinha, Aakanksha 
141-Nov-2020Educational needs in cultural and arts entrepreneurship of women from marginalised backgrounds : A needs analysis for a social design interventionSouleles, Nicos ; Savva, Stefania ; Ferreira, Ana Margarida ; Laghos, Andrew