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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002The vertical disintegration of ship management: choice criteria for third party selection and evaluationCullinane, Kevin P B ; Panayides, Photis 
2Jan-2017Use of inspiratory muscle training in managing dyspnoea in lung cancer patientsCharalambous, Andreas ; Molassiotis, Alexander ; Summers, Yvonne ; Stamataki, Zoe ; Taylor, Paul 
31-Jan-2017Preliminary validation and reliability of the Short Form Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire in a lung cancer populationCharalambous, Andreas ; Molasiotis, Alexander 
42002Identification of strategic groups using relationship marketing criteria: A cluster analytic approach in professional servicesPanayides, Photis 
51-Jun-2015The effect of resistance inspiratory muscle training in the management of breathlessness in patients with thoracic malignancies: a feasibility randomised trialMolassiotis, Alexander ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Taylor, Paul D. ; Stamataki, Zoe ; Summers, Yvonne Jane 
62002A conceptual application of cooperative game theory to liner shipping strategic alliancesSong, Dongwook ; Panayides, Photis