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The European Journal of Cancer Care provides a medium for communicating multiprofessional cancer care across Europe and internationally. The Journal publishes original research reports, literature reviews, guest editorials, letters to the Editor and special features on current issues affecting the care of cancer patients.
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1Jan-2018Hospitalised cancer patients' perceptions of individualised nursing care in four European countriesSuhonen, Riitta A. ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Berg, Agneta C. ; Katajisto, Jouko K. ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Patiraki, Elisabeth ; Sjövall, Katarina ; Stolt, Minna ; Radwin, Laurel E. 
2Jul-2017Post-diagnostic dietary changes in prostate cancer: associations with patients' wellbeing and the perceptions of GPsKassianos, Angelos P. ; Raats, Monique ; Gage, Heather 
31-Jan-2017Preliminary validation and reliability of the Short Form Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire in a lung cancer populationCharalambous, Andreas ; Molasiotis, Alexander 
4Nov-2015Perceived influences on post-diagnostic dietary change among a group of men with prostate cancerKassianos, Angelos P. ; Coyle, Adran ; Raats, Monique