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The evolution of maritime logistics as an emerging discipline has resulted, to a large extent, from the increasing and varied demands of shippers and customers and the rapidly changing role of ports in the context of supply and logistics chains. Scholars are becoming increasingly aware of the need to integrate logistics and supply chain management concepts in the maritime transportation chain and operations. This article aims to provide a review and foundation for understanding the domain of maritime logistics and to assess its potential as an emerging discipline. To do so, a framework for understanding the various aspects of maritime logistics strategy and implementation is developed. A synthesis of the existing knowledge on maritime logistics is done by integrating diverse explorations forming the basis of this framework. We draw upon the literature on maritime transport and ports and primarily theliterature that analyses concepts by adopting an economic or management perspective.
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22021Economic and environmental impacts of scrubbers investments in shipping: a multi-sectoral analysisZis, Thalis ; Cullinane, Kevin ; Ricci, Stefano 
34-Jul-2019The effect of institutional ownership on firm performance: the case of U.S.-listed shipping companiesTsouknidis, Dimitris 
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818-Aug-2006Maritime policy, management and research : role and potentialPanayides, Photis 
92002A conceptual application of cooperative game theory to liner shipping strategic alliancesSong, Dongwook ; Panayides, Photis 
101999An empirical assessment of relational competitive advantage in professional ship managementGray, Richard ; Panayides, Photis 
111997Marketing the professional ship management serviceGray, Richard ; Παναγίδης, Φώτης