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115-Aug-2007Spatiotemporal Stochastic Simulation of Monthly Rainfall Patterns in the United Kingdom (1980–87)Ekstrom, Marie ; Kyriakidis, Phaedon ; Chappell, Andrian ; Jones, Philip D. 
21-Dec-2019The Role of Exporters’ Emotional Intelligence in Building Foreign Customer RelationshipsLeonidou, Leonidas C. ; Aykol, Bilge ; Fotiadis, Thomas A. ; Zeriti, Athina ; Christodoulides, Paul 
39-Aug-2017Public engagement in setting healthcare priorities: A ranking exercise in CyprusFarmakas, Antonis ; Theodorou, Mamas ; Galanis, Petros ; Karayiannis, Georgios ; Ghobrial, Stefanos ; Polyzos, Nikos ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Agapidaki, Eirini ; Souliotis, Kyriakos 
4Nov-2010EURRECA: development of tools to improve the alignment of micronutrient recommendationsMatthys, C ; Bucchini, L ; Busstra, M. C. ; Cavelaars, A E J M ; Eleftheriou, Polyvios ; Garcia-Alvarez, A ; Fairweather-Tait, S ; Gurinović, M ; van Ommen, B ; Contor, L 
51-May-2002The Culmination of Aesthetic and Artistic Discourse in Nineteenth-century Greece: Periklis Yannopoulos and Nikolaos GyzisDanos, Antonis 
61-Jan-2017Betrayal in international buyer-seller relationships: Its drivers and performance implicationsLeonidou, Leonidas C. ; Aykol, Bilge ; Fotiadis, Thomas A. ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Zeriti, Athina