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The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN) is an international, peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of human and clinical nutrition. The journal welcomes original research, reviews, case reports and brief communications based on clinical, metabolic and epidemiological studies that describe methodologies, mechanisms, associations and benefits of nutritional interventions for clinical disease and health promotion.
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1Nov-2010EURRECA: development of tools to improve the alignment of micronutrient recommendationsMatthys, C ; Bucchini, L ; Busstra, M. C. ; Cavelaars, A E J M ; Eleftheriou, Polyvios ; Garcia-Alvarez, A ; Fairweather-Tait, S ; Gurinović, M ; van Ommen, B ; Contor, L 
22007Childhood diet and insulin-like growth factors in adulthood: 65 year follow-up of the Boyd Orr CohortMartin, Richard Michael ; Holly, Jeff M P ; Middleton, Nicos ; Davey Smith, George ; Gunnell, David J.