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11-May-2011Ultrafiltration optimization for the recovery of β-glucan from oat mill wasteGalanakis, Charis M. ; Patsioura, Anna ; Gekas, Vassilis Journal of Membrane Science 
2Sep-2010A study of the recovery of the dietary fibres from olive mill wastewater and the gelling ability of the soluble fibre fractionGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis LWT-Food Science and Technology 
32010Sonochemical degradation of ofloxacin in aqueous solutionsAchilleos, Antigoni ; Papaioannou, Agelos B. ; Valanidou, Lilian Water Science and Technology 
4Sep-2011Solar/TiO2 photocatalytic decomposition of β-blockers atenolol and propranolol in water and wastewaterIoannou-Ttofa, Lida ; Hapeshi, Evroula ; Vasquez Christodoulou, Marlen ; Mantzavinos, Dionissios ; Fatta-Kassinos, Despo Solar Energy 
515-Jun-2018Solar water heating for social housing: Energy analysis and Life Cycle AssessmentSouliotis, Manolis ; Panaras, Giorgos ; Fokaides, Paris A. ; Papaefthimiou, Spiros ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. Energy and Buildings 
6Aug-2010Recovery and preservation of phenols from olive waste in ethanolic extractsGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 
730-Jul-2013Online 4d reconstruction using multi-images available under open accessJohnson, P. S. ; Doulamis, A. ; Moura Santo, P.; Hadjiprocopi, A. ; Fritsch, D. ; Doulamis, Nikolaos D. ; Makantasis, K. ; Stork, A. ; Ioannides, Marinos ; Klein, M. ; Balet, O. ; Fellner, D. ; Weinlinger, G. ; Protopapadakis, E. ; Julien, M. ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences 
81-Feb-2012Nanofiltration of Brackish Groundwater by Using a Polypiperazine MembraneGalanakis, Charis M. ; Fountoulis, Georgios ; Gekas, Vassilis Desalination 
915-May-2000Lattice parameter of si1-x-ygexcy alloysBerti, Marina ; Romanato, Filippo ; Kelires, Pantelis C. Physical Review B 
1021-Dec-2012A Knowledge Base for the Recovery of Natural Phenols with Different SolventsGoulas, Vlasios ; Galanakis, Charis M. ; Tsakona, Sofia ; Manganaris, George A. ; Gekas, Vassilis International Journal of Food Properties 
11Feb-2001Intrinsic stress and stiffness variations in amorphous carbonKelires, Pantelis C. Diamond and Related Materials 
12Apr-2016In the wild image retrieval and clustering for 3D cultural heritage landmarks reconstructionMakantasis, Konstantinos ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Doulamis, Nikolaos D. ; Ioannides, Marinos Multimedia Tools and Applications 
13May-2012Hydro-Ethanolic Mixtures for the Recovery of Phenols from Mediterranean Plant MaterialsTsakona, Sofia ; Galanakis, Charis M. ; Gekas, Vassilis Food and Bioprocess Technology 
142010Human action annotation, modeling and analysis based on implicit user interactionNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Doulamis, Nikolaos D. Multimedia Tools and Applications 
15Feb-2014GIS and remote sensing techniques for the assessment of land use change impact on flood hydrology: the case study of Yialias basin in CyprusAlexakis, Dimitrios ; Grillakis, M. G. ; Koutroulis, Aristeidis G. ; Agapiou, Athos ; Themistocleous, Kyriacos ; Tsanis, Ioannis ; Michaelides, S. ; Pashiardis, Stelios ; Demetriou, C. ; Aristeidou, K. ; Retalis, Adrianos ; Tymvios, Filippos S. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 
161-Jan-2015Evaluation of a MBR pilot treating industrial wastewater with a high COD/N ratioBabatsouli, Panagiota ; Palogos, Ioannis ; Michalodimitraki, Eleni ; Costa, Costas ; Kalogerakis, Nicolas 
17Sep-2010The effect of heat processing on the functional properties of pectin contained in olive mill wastewaterGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis LWT-Food Science and Technology 
18Mar-2010Drugs degrading photocatalytically: Kinetics and mechanisms of ofloxacin and atenolol removal on titania suspensionsHapeshi, Evroula ; Achilleos, Antigoni ; Vasquez Christodoulou, Marlen ; Michael, Costas ; Xekoukoulotakis, Nikolaos P. ; Mantzavinos, Dionissios ; Fatta-Kassinos, Despo Water Research 
19Sep-2010Dietary fiber suspensions from olive mill wastewater as potential fat replacements in meatballsGalanakis, Charis M. ; Tornberg, Eva ; Gekas, Vassilis LWT 
2016-Jul-2014Computer simulation of a submerged membrane bioreactor treating high COD industrial wastewaterPalogos, Ioannis ; Babatsouli, Panagiota ; Costa, Costas ; Kalogerakis, Nicolas Frontiers in Environmental Science