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Energy and Buildings
Natural, mechanical and mixed ventilation
Air distribution in buildings
Application of solar and other renewable energy sources in buildings
Energy balances in building complexes
Heat recovery systems in buildings
Buildings and district heating and cooling
Energy conservation in built environment
Energy efficient buildings
Building physics
Energy sustainability, resilience and climate adaptability of buildings
Energy and Buildings is an international journal publishing articles with explicit links to energy use in buildings. The aim is to present new research results, and new proven practice aimed at reducing the energy needs of a building and improving indoor environment quality.
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11-Jun-2019Modeling of vertical ground heat exchangers in the presence of groundwater flow and underground temperature gradientIosif-Stylianou, Iosifina ; Tassou, Savvas A. ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Aresti, Lazaros ; Florides, Georgios A. 
2Sep-2009A new energy analysis tool for ground source heat pump systemsMichopoulos, Apostolos ; Kyriakis, N. A. 
3Jan-2006On the maximum thermal load of ground heat exchangersKyriakis, Nikolas ; Michopoulos, Apostolos ; Pattas, Konstantinos 
4Mar-2007Three-years operation experience of a ground source heat pump system in Northern GreeceMichopoulos, Apostolos ; Bozis, D. ; Kikidis, P. ; Papakostas, K. ; Kyriakis, N. A.