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1Jan-2019Sentiment, order imbalance, and co-movement: An examination of shocks to retail and institutional trading activityChelley-Steeley, Patrìcia Lorraine ; Lambertides, Neophytos ; Savva, Christos S. European Financial Management 
21-Nov-2015The effect of security and market order flow shocks on co-movementChelley-Steeley, Patrìcia Lorraine ; Lambertides, Neophytos ; Savva, Christos S. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 
31-Dec-2016Cost of capital changes, the quality of trading information and market architectureChelley-Steeley, Patrìcia Lorraine ; Lambertides, Neophytos British Accounting Review 
4Aug-2021The behavioral aspects of innovation in the age of pandemicTarba, Shlomo ; Cooper, Sir Cary L. ; Christofi, Michael ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Thrassou, Alkis ; Siamagka, Nikoletta Theofania European Management Journal 
5Apr-2021Agility and flexibility in international business research: A comprehensive review and future research directionsChristofi, Michael ; Pereira, Vijay ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Tarba, Shlomo ; Thrassou, Alkis Journal of World Business