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11-Jan-2019The web of false information: Rumors, fake news, hoaxes, clickbait, and various other shenanigansZannettou, Savvas ; Sirivianos, Michael ; Blackburn, Jeremy ; Kourtellis, Nicolas Journal of Data and Information Quality 
22008A spheroidal control volume for the quantitative measurement of regurgitant flow by cardiac MRIKortright, Eduardo ; Rayarao, Geetha ; Li, Longchuan ; Anayiotos, Andreas ; Biederman, Robert W.W. ; Doyle, Mark Technology and Health Care 
3May-1994Intramachine and intermachine variability in transesophageal color doppler images of pulsatile jets: in vitro studiesFan, Pohoey ; Nanda, Navin C. ; Anayiotos, Andreas Circulation research 
44-Mar-2018From risk factors to detection and intervention: a practical proposal for future work on cyberbullyingIoannou, Andri ; Blackburn, Jeremy ; Stringhini, Gianluca ; De Cristofaro, Emiliano ; Kourtellis, Nicolas ; Sirivianos, Michael Behaviour & Information Technology 
5Jan-2011Effect of posture change on the geometric features of the healthy carotid bifurcationAristokleous, Nicolas ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Anayiotos, Andreas IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine