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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009pH-Specific synthetic chemistry, and spectroscopic, structural, electrochemical and magnetic susceptibility studies in binary Ni(II)-(carboxy)phosphonate systemsMenelaou, Melita; Dakanali, Maria; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Lalioti, Nikolia; Salifoglou, Athanasios; Drouza, Chryssoula 
2007Polyoxomolybdenum(V/VI)-sulfite compounds: synthesis, structural, and physical studiesKapakoglou, Nikolaos I.; Betzios, Panagiotis I.; Drouza, Chryssoula 
2009Probing for missing links in the binary and ternary V(V)-citrate-(H 2O 2) systems: Synthetic efforts and in vitro insulin mimetic activity studiesGabriel, Catherine; Venetis, J.; Kaliva, Maria; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Terzis, Aris; Meier, Beate; Voyiatzis, George A.; Potamitis, Constantinos; Salifoglou, Athanasios; Drouza, Chryssoula 
1-Sep-2013Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Oenococcus oeni immobilized in different layers of a cellulose/starch gel composite for simultaneous alcoholic and malolactic wine fermentationsServetas, Ioannis ; Berbegal, Carmen ; Camacho, Nathalia ; Bekatorou, Argyro ; Ferrer, Sergi ; Nigam, Poonam Singh ; Drouza, Chryssoula ; Koutinas, Αthanasios Α. 
2010Scale-up of extremely low temperature fermentations of grape must by wheat supported yeast cellsKandylis, Panagiotis; Bekatorou, Argyro; Koutinas, Athanasios A.; Drouza, Chryssoula 
2008Solid state and aqueous solution characterization of rectangular tetranuclear VIV/V-p-semiquinonate/hydroquinonate complexes exhibiting a proton induced electron transferKeramidas, Anastasios D. ; Drouza, Chryssoula 
6-Feb-2013Structural and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) characterization of novel vanadium(V/IV) complexes with hydroquinonate-iminodiacetate ligands exhibiting "noninnocent" activityDrouza, Chryssoula ; Stylianou, Marios ; Papaphilippou, Petri Ch ; Keramidas, Anastasios D. 
15-Sep-2018Structural characterization, hydrolytic stability and dynamics of cis-MoVIO2 2+ hydroquinonate/phenolate complexesDrouza, Chryssoula ; Hadjithoma, Sofia ; Nicolaou, Maria ; Keramidas, Anastasios D. 
27-Jun-2013Structure, reactivity, luminescence and magnetism of dinuclear Ln 3+ complexes produced by the Ln3+-assisted hydrolysis of 3,6-bis(2-pyridyl)tetrazinePanayiotidou, Lefkia ; Drouza, Chryssoula ; Arabatzis, Nikos B. ; Lianos, Panagiotis ; Stathatos, Elias ; Viskadourakis, Zacharias ; Giapintzakis, John ; Keramidas, Anastasios D. 
2000Synthesis and aqueous solution properties of multinuclear oxo-bridged vanadium(IV/V) complexesKeramidas, Anastasios D. ; Drouza, Chryssoula 
2006Synthesis and study of the cancer cell growth inhibitory properties of α-, γ-tocopheryl and γ-tocotrienyl 2-phenylselenyl succinatesVraka, Panayiota S.; Rikkou, Maria P.; Drouza, Chryssoula 
1-Jan-2017Synthesis of new photosensitive H<inf>2</inf>BBQ<sup>2+</sup>[ZnCl<inf>4</inf>]<sup>2−</sup>/[(ZnCl)<inf>2</inf>(μ-BBH)] complexes, through selective oxidation of H<inf>2</inf>O to H<inf>2</inf>O<inf>2</inf>Stylianou, Marios ; Hadjiadamou, Ioanna ; Drouza, Chryssoula ; Hayes, Sophia C. ; Lariou, Ε. ; Tantis, Iosif ; Lianos, Panagiotis ; Tsipis, Athanassios C. ; Keramidas A. 
15-Feb-2016Synthesis, Bonding, and Reactivity of Vanadium(IV) Oxido-Fluorido Compounds with Neutral Chelate Ligands of the General Formula cis-[V<sup>IV</sup>(=O)(F)(L<inf>N-N</inf>)<inf>2</inf>]<sup>+</sup>Passadis, Stamatis S. ; Tsiafoulis, Constantinos G. ; Drouza, Chryssoula ; Tsipis, Athanassios C. ; Miras, Haralampos N. ; Keramidas, Anastasios D. ; Kabanos, Themistoklis A A 
24-Aug-2014Synthesis, characterization of dinuclear vanadium(III) hydroquinonate- iminodiacetate complexesDrouza, Chryssoula ; Vlasiou, Manolis ; Keramidas, Anastasios D. 
22-Mar-2013Synthesis, crystal structure and luminescence of novel Eu3+, Sm3+ and Gd3+ complexes of 1,3,5- and 1,2,4-triazinesPanayiotidou, Lefkia ; Stylianou, Marios ; Arabatzis, Nikos B. ; Drouza, Chryssoula ; Lianos, Panagiotis ; Stathatos, Elias ; Keramidas, Anastasios D. 
2010Synthesis, solution, and structural characterization of tetrahydrofuranyl-2,2-bisphosphonic acid disodium saltMaltezou, Elena ; Stylianou, Marios ; Roy, Sudeshna ; Keramidas, Anastasios D. ; Drouza, Chryssoula 
2009Synthesis, spectroscopic, structural and magnetic studies of new binary Cr(III)-citrate pH-specific structural variants from aqueous mediaGabriel, Catherine; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Lalioti, Nikolia; Sarifoglou, A.; Drouza, Chryssoula 
2004Synthesis, structure, and solution dynamics of UO22+-hydroxy ketone compounds [UO2(ma)2(H 2O)] and [UO2(dpp)(Hdpp)2(H2O)] ClO4 [ma = 3-hydroxy-2-methyl-4-pyrone, Hdpp = 3-hydroxy-1,2- dimethyl-4(1H)-pyridone]Gramlich, Volker; Sigalas, Michael P.; Drouza, Chryssoula 
2008Synthesis, structure, magnetic properties and aqueous solution characterization of p-hydroquinone and phenol iminodiacetate copper(ii) complexesStylianou, Marios ; Viskadourakis, Zacharias A.; Drouza, Chryssoula 
1-Jan-2013Vanadium(iv/v)-p-dioxolene temperature induced electron transfer associated with ligation/deligation of solvent moleculesDrouza, Chryssoula ; Vlasiou, Manos ; Keramidas, Anastasios D.