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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12021Training young female entrepreneurs on a national-scale: the Greek 'Genesis' Project case studyZarkada, Anna K. ; Kapareliotis, Ilias 
22016Identifying organisational brand elements for UK universities: A content analysis of students’ perceptionsZarkada, Anna K. ; Kapareliotis, Ilias 
32016An evidence based analysis of branding UK UniversitiesZarkada, Anna K. ; Kapareliotis, Ilias 
430-Jan-2012Training Young Female Entrepreneurs on a National-Scale: The Greek 'Genesis' Project Case StudyKapareliotis, Ilias ; Zarkada, Anna K. 
530-Jan-2012The Effect of Performative and Social Legitimation on Brand Equity: A Customer – Based ApproachZarkada, Anna K. ; Kapareliotis, Ilias 
630-Jan-2012Factors Affecting Greek Adolescents' Choices of Drinks and Sweets for School SnacksPapakonstantinou, Smaro ; Zarkada, Anna K. ; Kapareliotis, Ilias 
712-Jan-2010The influence of the Olympic Games on Beijing consumers' perceptions of their city tourism developmentKapareliotis, Ilias ; Panopoulos, Anastasios ; Panigyrakis, George G. 
825-Sep-2009Marketing and corporate profitability: the case of Greek firmsPanigyrakis, George G. ; Kapareliotis, Ilias ; Ventoura, Zoe