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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
117-Aug-2020Looking for luxury CSR practices that make more sense: The role of corporate identity and consumer attitudePanigyrakis, George G. ; Panopoulos, Anastasios ; Koronaki, Eirini Journal of Marketing Communications 
22020All we have is words: applying rhetoric to examine how social media marketing activities strengthen the connection between the brand and the selfPanigyrakis, George G. ; Panopoulos, Anastasios ; Koronaki, Eirini International Journal of Advertising 
312-Jan-2010The influence of the Olympic Games on Beijing consumers' perceptions of their city tourism developmentKapareliotis, Ilias ; Panopoulos, Anastasios ; Panigyrakis, George G. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics