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11-Aug-2022A Selection of Experiments for Understanding the Strengths of Time Series SAR Data Analysis for Finding the Drivers Causing Phenological Changes in Paphos Forest, CyprusMiltiadou, Milto ; Karathanassi, Vassilia ; Agapiou, Athos ; Theocharidis, Christos ; Kolokoussis, Polychronis ; Danezis, Chris Remote Sensing 
21-Feb-2022Time Series Analysis of Landsat Data for Investigating the Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Forest Changes in Paphos Forest, CyprusAndronis, Vassilis ; Karathanassi, Vassilia ; Tsalapati, Victoria ; Kolokoussis, Polychronis ; Miltiadou, Milto ; Danezis, Chris Remote Sensing 
31-Feb-2022Space-Based Displacement Monitoring of Coastal Urban Areas: The Case of Limassol’s Coastal FrontFotiou, Kyriaki ; Kakoullis, Dimitris ; Pekri, Marina ; Melillos, George ; Brcic, Ramon ; Eineder, Michael ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Danezis, Chris Remote Sensing 
41-Feb-2022Considerations and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for the Installation of Collocated Permanent GNSS and SAR Infrastructures for Continuous Space-Based Monitoring of Natural HazardsKakoullis, Dimitris ; Fotiou, Kyriaki ; Melillos, George ; Danezis, Chris Remote Sensing 
525-Aug-2021Do People Understand and Observe the Effects of Climate Crisis on Forests ? The Case Study of CyprusMiltiadou, Milto ; Antoniou, Efrosyni ; Theocharidis, Christos ; Danezis, Chris Forests 
62021An overview of the risk of delay in Cyprus construction industryVacanas, Yiannis ; Danezis, Chris International Journal of Construction Management 
7May-2020Small scale landslide detection using Sentinel-1 interferometric SAR coherenceTzouvaras, Marios ; Danezis, Chris ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. Remote Sensing 
81-Aug-2019The Use of Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images and Open-Source Software for Cultural Heritage: An Example from Paphos Area in Cyprus for Mapping Landscape Changes after a 5.6 Magnitude EarthquakeTzouvaras, Marios ; Kouhartsiouk, Dimitris ; Agapiou, Athos ; Danezis, Chris Remote Sensing 
91-Oct-2016Mapping the variability of carbonation progress using GIS techniques and field data: a case study of the Limassol districtTantele, Elia ; Votsis, Renos ; Danezis, Chris ; Anastasiou, Constantina ; Georgiou, Nikolas Natural Hazards 
101-Jan-2015Localization and driving behavior classification with smartphone sensors in direct absence of global navigation satellite systemsAntoniou, Constantinos ; Gikas, Vassilis ; Papathanasopoulou, Vasileia ; Danezis, Chris ; Panagopoulos, Athanasios D. ; Markou, Ioulia ; Efthymiou, Dimitrios ; Yannis, George D. ; Perakis, Harris Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board