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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000Establishing the social tourism carrying capacity for the tourist resorts of the east coast of the republic of CyprusSaveriades, Alexis 
2Apr-2019The “genius loci” of places that experience intense tourism developmentChristou, Prokopis A. ; Farmaki, Anna ; Saveriades, Alexis ; Spanou-Tripinioti, Elena 
3Mar-2019Perceptions of Pafos as European Capital of Culture: tourism stakeholder and resident perspectivesFarmaki, Anna ; Christou, Prokopis A. ; Saveriades, Alexis ; Spanou-Tripinioti, Elena 
42007A sociometric examination of perceptions of the impact of contemporary tourism upon society in the tourist resort of “Ayia Napa”, cyprus. A qualitative approachSaveriades, Alexis 
5Jan-2014Strategic planning in national tourism organisations: The case of CyprusSaveriades, Alexis 
62010The use of ethnography to explore tourist satisfaction antecedentsChristou, Prokopis A. ; Saveriades, Alexis 
72009The world of agritourists: A psychological perspectiveChristou, Prokopis A. ; Lashley, Conrad ; Saveriades, Alexis