Saveriades, Alexis
Σαβεριάδης, Αλέξης
Dr. Alexis Saveriades is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, Faculty of Management and Economics, at the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). Dr. Saveriades serves as the Programme Coordinator for two Masters Programmes in International Hospitality and Tourism Management offered by CUT and OUC. From the position of Member elect, he represents his School on the University’s Senate. From 2003 onwards, he participates in evaluation committees called upon on an adhoc basis by the Ministry of Education and Culture to evaluate applications towards the registration of new programmes of study in the fields of Hospitality and Tourism. Furthermore he coordinated (2011 - 2015) the evaluations committee in the fields of Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Service and Culinary Arts for the Cyprus Council for the recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KYSATS). With the amendment in the law governing KYSATS, effective 1/1/16, he continues to offer his expertise to the Council as an Independent Assessor. Dr. Saveriades is a University of Surrey (UK) graduate (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.) in the fields of Tourism Planning and Development. Under a Fulbright Commission Scholarship, he also studied in the field of Strategic Management at Cornell University in the US. Dr. Saveriades enjoys extensive teaching experience (23 years) at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the fields of Hospitality and Tourism, in leading private and public tertiary education institutions in Cyprus as well as extensive experience in curriculum design, curriculum evaluation and in managing educational organisations. Moreover, in his capacity as Visiting Professor with the University of the Aegean in Greece, he teaches on the postgraduate programme in Tourism Policy, Management and Planning. For a period of 5 years before joining CUT he held the position of Deputy Director at the Higher Hotel Institute Cyprus. Dr. Saveriades served for 8 years from the position of Member and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) where he was actively involved in strategic planning and policy formulation for the development of Tourism in Cyprus. In March 2010 he was appointed to head the National Strategic Plan for Tourism for the period 2011-2015. Additionally, he was actively involved in the setting up of the Cyprus Convention Bureau, the advisory board of which he chaired during its initial three years of operation. Dr. Saveriades also served (2009-2015) on the Board of the Cyprus Hotel Managers Association and on the Board of the ‘Cyprus Association for Cultural and Special Interest Tourism. His research activities and subsequently his publications focus on policy formulation and strategic planning for the development of tourism with emphasis on Island economies, the impacts emanating from tourism development with particular emphasis in the social dimension of these impacts, as well as in sustainable and alternative forms of tourism development, and tourism carrying capacity.