Charalambous, Andreas
Χαραλάμπους, Ανδρέας

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Event namePlaceDate Role in organization of eventStart dateEnd dateAcedemic Year
The role of the cancer nurse in Oncopolicyreviewer2017-2018
Palliative Care: Learning from the past with an eye on the future01-05-2017chair01-05-201701-05-20172017-2018
The “Games of Throne” of Oncopolicy01-04-2017other01-04-201701-04-20172017-2018
Recognizing European Cancer Nursing01-04-2017other01-04-201701-04-20172017-2018
Multidisciplinary Care for Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer01-01-2017other01-01-201701-01-20172017-2018
The use of IMT in managing dyspnoea in lung cancer patientsother2016-2017