Charalambous, Andreas
Χαραλάμπους, Ανδρέας

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Committee namePosition in CommitteStart dateEnd date
IASLC NAHPMember01-09-202101-09-2024
The Cyprus Nurses and Midwives AssociationThe Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association01-01-1999
Member of the Pancyprian Diabetic AssociationMember of the Pancyprian Diabetic Association01-01-2003
An Bord Altranais- PIN113534.Registered with Irish Board of Nursing01-01-2005
European Oncology Nursing SocietyMember of the EONS01-01-200601-01-2023
FP7 CORDISMember of the Seventh Research Framework Programme01-01-2006
UK-07D0027CRegistered with Nursing and Midwifery Council01-01-2007
Member of the CHAIN – ContactMember of the CHAIN – Contact01-01-2007
European Academy of Nursing ScienceEANS Scholar01-01-2008
International Philosophy of Nursing SocietyInternational Philosophy of Nursing Society01-01-200701-01-2008
Member of the Pancyprian Thalassemia AssociationMember of the Pancyprian Thalassemia Association01-01-2007
Cyprus Oncology Nursing SocietyPresident01-01-201201-01-2020
Cyprus Ministry of Health.Advisory Board of clinical training programme01-01-2013
department of Nursing and the selection of candidates to undertake postgraduate studies (MSc)Member of committees in 2012 for the selection of special scientists01-01-2012
University’s Union of AcademicsElected Member01-01-201001-01-2012
University’s Union of AcademicsRe-elected Member01-01-201201-01-2014
Publications and events committeeFaculty of Health Sciences01-01-200901-01-2010
Oncology and Palliative CareHead of the Research Centre01-01-2009
National Health Care System DevelopmentAdvisory Board of professional,01-01-2010