Charalambous, Andreas
Χαραλάμπους, Ανδρέας

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Speech TitleEvent Name Invitation TypeDateLocation
ESMO2020 - European Society Medical OncologyESMO VIRTUAL CONGRESS 2020Invited speaker20-09-2020Virtual
Specialised Cancer Nursing Roles34. Deutscher Krebskongress 2020 KOK-Kongress 2020Invited speaker22-02-2020Berlin
Personalising the technological experienceMASCC/ISOO conferenceInvited speaker22-06-2019USA
The role of specialization in nursingEuropean Cancer Organization SummitInvited speaker13-09-2019Brussels
Putting the patient at the centre: Holistic Patient CareWorld Conference on Lung CancerInvited Panelist/discussant30-01-2021Virtual
Moving towards efficiency in cancer care: examplesSPCC - Sharing Progress in Cancer Care Webinar on EfficiencyInvited Panelist/discussant13-01-2021Virtual
The power of nursing interventions in the comprehensive management of treatment-induced side-effects13th international SCWD digital conference on cachexia, sarcopenia and muscle wastingInvited speaker11-01-2020Virtual
Lecture Title TBCMASCC/ISOO conferenceInvited speaker24-06-2022Toronto, Canada
Improving the quality nursing care for patients with cancer in Cyprus: findings from a hermeneutic phenomenological studyMalta National Society Conference - 7th European Regional Conference of the Commonwealth Nurses’ FederationOral Presentation01-04-2008Malta
The management of immunotherapy induced adverse events in lung cancer patientsESMO Conference 2020Invited speaker01-09-2020Spain
Managing Skin ToxicitiesNational Cancer Nursing Society - National Conference of the Cyprus Oncology Nursing SocietyInvited speaker01-10-2016Cyprus
What is the value of Guided Imagery And Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques in the Management of Cluster of Symptoms in Patients Receiving ChemotherapyNational Croatian Nursing SocietyInvited speaker01-10-2016Croatia
The use of IMT in managing dyspnoea in lung cancer patientsIASLC- International Agency for the Study of Lung CancerInvited speaker01-12-2016Austria
Researching complementary and alternative therapies: challenging the sisyphean taskEONS10 – European Oncology Nursing SocietyOral Presentation01-10-2016Ireland
A randomized controlled trial to test the effectiveness of thymus honey on xerostomia in head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyEuropean Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress (ECCO-ESMO-ESTRO) (Nursing Track)Poster Presentations01-09-2015Austria
Training/education in pain controlAccess to opioid medication in EuropeInvited Participant/delegate01-05-2012Nicosia
Managing symptoms in patients with cancer through complementary strategies: a randomized controlled trial of the use of progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery24th Annual Scientific Meeting of European Association for Cancer Education (EACE).Invited speaker01-03-2011Nicosia
Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Palliative Care: Mythology or Reality?16th Pancyprian Nursing ConferenceOral Presentation01-11-2009Nicosia
Burnout and Fatigue in Nurses: a Pancyprian study17th Pancyprian Nursing ConferenceOral Presentation01-11-2010Nicosia
Complementary and Alternative Therapies in cancer care - The effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery in the improvement of psychological well-being and the quality of life for patients with prostate or breast cancer1st Nursing Oncology SymposiumOral Presentation01-10-2010Greece