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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2011Bilingual issues in Specific Language Impairment: Clinical and Research findingsPetinou, Kakia 
22002Clitic Misplacement among Normally Developing Children and Children with Specific Language Impairment and the Status of Infl HeadsPetinou, Kakia ; Terzi, Arhonto 
32001Clitic misplacement in Cypriot Greek children with specific language impairmentPetinou, Kakia ; Terzi, A. 
42003The development of voice onset time in Greek and Cypriot Greek preschoolers: A cross sectional investigationPetinou, Kakia ; Okalidou, Areti 
5Jul-2010Development of voice onset time in standard-Greek and Cypriot-Greek-speaking preschoolersPetinou, Kakia ; Okalidou, Areti ; Theodorou, Eleni ; Karasimou, Eleni 
6Nov-2014Early Language Delay Phenotypes and Correlation with Later Linguistic AbilitiesPetinou, Kakia ; Spanoudis, George 
72014Early language delay phenotypes and correlation with later linguistic abilitiesPetinou, Kakia ; Spanoudis, George 
82-Jan-2016Early phonetic development in typically developing children: A longitudinal investigation from Cypriot-Greek child dataPetinou, Kakia ; Theodorou, Eleni 
92016Early phonetic profiles in Cypriot Greek toddlersPetinou, Kakia ; Theodorou, Eleni 
101999Early phonological characteristics in young children with and without histories of otitis media: A longitudinal prospective investigationPetinou, Kakia ; Schwartz, Richard G. ; Mody, M. ; Gravel, J. 
112007Early phonological development of Greek-Cypriot toddlers "at risk" for language delayPetinou, Kakia ; Okalidou, Areti 
122017Factors affecting the perception of plosives in second language English by first language Cypriot-Greek listenersKkese, Elena ; Petinou, Kakia 
132011Grammatical skills in Greek and Cypriot children with Specific Language Impairment: A comparison studyMastropavlou, Maria ; Petinou, Kakia 
142016Identifying plosives in L2 English: Factors affecting plosive identification by Cypriot Greek speakersKkese, Elena ; Petinou, Kakia ; Armosti, S. 
152016Identifying plosives in L2 English: The types of errors produced by L2 Cypriot Greek speakersKkese, Elena ; Petinou, Kakia 
161996The impact of otitis media on early speech development: Preliminary data on phonetic inventoriesPetinou, Kakia ; Mody, M. ; Schwartz, R. ; Gravel, J. 
171-Dec-2017International Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists' Practices in Working with Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderGillon, Gail ; Hyter, Yvette  ; Fernandes, Fernanda Dreux  ; Ferman, Sara ; Hus, Yvette ; Petinou, Kakia ; Segald, Osnat ; Tumanova, Tatjana  ; Vogindroukas, Ioannis  ; Westby, Carol  ; Westerveld, Marleen 
18Jan-2016Investigating Use of a Parent Report Tool to Measure Vocabulary Development in Deaf Greek-speaking Children with Cochlear ImplantsOktapoti, Maria ; Okalidou, Areth ; Kyriafinis, George ; Petinou, Kakia ; Vital, Victor ; Herman, Rosalind 
192000Language characteristics of Cypriot Greek speaking children with specific language impairmentPetinou, Kakia ; Terzi, A. 
202011Language skills of late talking toddlers: a longitudinal investigation ages 2-3 yearsPetinou, Kakia ; Constandinou, Astero ; Kapsou, Margarita