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Research Center on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies

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12-Oct-2020Virtual Reality with 360-Video Storytelling in Cultural Heritage: Study of Presence, Engagement, and ImmersionŠkola, Filip ; Rizvic, Selma ; Cozza, Marco ; Barbieri, Loris ; Bruno, Fabio ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios ; Liarokapis, Fotis Sensors 
25-Jun-2020A Virtual Reality Simulation of Drug Users’ Everyday Life: The Effect of Supported Sensorimotor Contingencies on EmpathyChristofi, Maria ; Michael-Grigoriou, Despina ; Kyrlitsias, Christos Frontiers in Psychology 
31-Jun-2020Virtual reality in museums: Exploring the experiences of museum professionalsShehade, Maria ; Stylianou-Lambert, Theopisti Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 
4Jul-2020Technology-enhanced embodied learning: Designing and evaluating a new classroom experienceIoannou, Marianna ; Ioannou, Andri Educational Technology and Society 
52021Study of Full-body Virtual Embodiment Using noninvasive Brain Stimulation and ImagingŠkola, Filip ; Liarokapis, Fotis International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 
61-Dec-2021Structured or unstructured educational robotics curriculum? A study of debugging in block-based programmingSocratous, Chrysanthos ; Ioannou, Andri Educational Technology Research and Development 
78-Sep-2020Social Conformity in Immersive Virtual Environments: The Impact of Agents’ Gaze BehaviorKyrlitsias, Christos ; Michael-Grigoriou, Despina ; Banakou, Domna ; Christofi, Maria Dolores Frontiers in Psychology 
8Jan-2021Selecting effective colors for high-visibility safety apparelMina, Achilleas ; Lanitis, Andreas ; Dimitriou, Pavlos Alexandros ; Partaourides, Charalampos ; Pericleous, Pericles Safety Science 
9Nov-2020Normal appearing brain white matter changes in relapsing multiple sclerosis: Texture image and classification analysis in serial MRI scansLoizou,  Christos P. ; Pantzaris, Marios C. ; Pattichis, Constantinos S. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
101-Dec-2021Learning and innovation skills in making contexts: a comprehensive analytical framework and coding schemeTimotheou, Stella ; Ioannou, Andri Educational Technology Research and Development 
11Jan-2021Investigation of donkey milk bacterial diversity by 16S rDNA high-throughput sequencing on a Cyprus donkey farmPapademas, Photis ; Kamilari, E. ; Aspri, Maria ; Anagnostopoulos, Dimitrios A. ; Mousikos, P ; Kamilaris, Andreas ; Tsaltas, Dimitrios Journal of dairy science 
12Dec-2019Investigating immersion and learning in a low-embodied versus high-embodied digital educational game: Lessons learned from an implementation in an authentic school classroomGeorgiou, Yiannis ; Ioannou, Andri ; Ioannou, Marianna Multimodal Technologies and Interaction 
13Sep-2020Image annotation: the effects of content, lexicon and annotation methodTheodosiou, Zenonas ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval 
14Apr-2021Guest Editorial: Learning Experience Design: Embodiment, Gesture, and Interactivity in XRIoannou, Andri ; Bhagat, Kaushal Kumar ; Johnson-Glenberg, Mina C. Educational Technology and Society 
152021Evaluating the Potential of Augmented Reality Interfaces for Exploring Underwater Historical SitesČejka, Jan ; Mangeruga, Marino ; Bruno, Fabio ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios ; Liarokapis, Fotis IEEE Access 
161-Sep-2022Evaluating the Impact of the Curriculum Structure on Group Metacognition During Collaborative Problem-solving Using Educational RoboticsSocratous, Chrysanthos ; Ioannou, Andri TechTrends 
17Jan-2021Developing, Enacting and Evaluating a Learning Experience Design for Technology-Enhanced Embodied Learning in Math ClassroomsGeorgiou, Yiannis ; Ioannou, Andri TechTrends 
181-Jun-2020Conceptual knowledge and sensitization on Asperger's syndrome based on the constructivist approach through virtual realityHadjipanayi, Christos ; Michael-Grigoriou, Despina Heliyon 
192021Comparing a digital and a non-digital embodied learning intervention in geometry: can technology facilitate?Georgiou, Yiannis ; Ioannou, Andri ; Kosma, Panagiotis Technology, Pedagogy and Education 
20Jan-2020Comparative evaluation of virtual and augmented reality for teaching mathematics in primary educationDemitriadou, Eleni ; Stavroulia, Kalliopi Evangelia ; Lanitis, Andreas Education and Information Technologies