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114-Jun-2021From value co-creation to positive experiences and customer satisfaction. A customer perspective in the hotel industrySolakis, Konstantinos ; Peña-Vinces, Jesús ; Lopez-Bonilla, Jesús M. ; Aguado, Luis F. Technological and Economic Development of Economy 
2Aug-2020Environmental knowledge, the collaborative economy and responsible consumption in the context of second-hand perinatal and infant clothes in SpainPeña-Vinces, Jesús ; Solakis, Konstantinos ; Guillen, Jorge Resources, Conservation and Recycling 
329-Sep-2017DART model from a customer's perspective: An exploratory study in the hospitality industry of GreeceSolakis, Konstantinos ; Peña-Vinces, Jesús C. ; Lopéz-Bonilla, Jesús Manuel Problems and Perspectives in Management 
42021A comprehensive review on carotenoids in foods and feeds: status quo, applications, patents, and research needsMeléndez-Martínez, Antonio J. ; Mandić, Anamarija I. ; Bantis, Filippos ; Böhm, Volker ; Borge, Grethe Iren A. ; Brnčić, Mladen ; Bysted, Anette ; Cano, Ma Pilar ; Dias, M. Graça ; Elgersma, Anjo ; Fikselová, Martina ; García-Alonso, Javier ; Giuffrida, Daniele ; Gonçalves, Vanessa S.S. ; Hornero-Méndez, Dámaso ; Kljak, Kristina ; Lavelli, Vera ; Manganaris, George A. ; Mapelli-Brahm, Paula ; Marounek, Milan ; Olmedilla-Alonso, Begoña ; Periago-Castón, María Jesús ; Pintea, Adela ; Sheehan, Jeremiah J. ; Tumbas Šaponjac, Vesna ; Valšíková-Frey, Magdaléna ; Meulebroek, Lieven Van ; O’Brien, Nora Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition