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1Apr-2014Nanometer-sized ceria-coated silica-iron oxide for the reagentless microextraction/preconcentration of heavy metals in environmental and biological samples followed by slurry introduction to ICP-OESDados, A ; Paparizou, E ; Eleftheriou, Polyvios ; Papastephanou, C ; Stalikas, C D Talanta 
2Feb-2009Measuring performance in analytical measurementsPapastefanou, Hara ; Eleftheriou, Polyvios Accreditation and Quality Assurance 
35-Jun-2018Characterization and botanical differentiation of monofloral and multifloral honeys produced in Cyprus, Greece, and Egypt using physicochemical parameter analysis and mineral content in conjunction with supervised statistical techniquesKarabagias, Ioannis K. ; Louppis, Artemis P. ; Kontakos S., Stavros ; Drouza, Chryssoula ; Papastephanou, Chara Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry