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1Dec-2017Restoration of Bi-Contrast MRI Data for Intensity Uniformity with Bayesian Coring of Co-Occurrence StatisticsHadjidemetriou, Stathis ; Psychogios, Marios Nikos ; Lingor, Paul ; Von Eckardstein, Kajetan ; Papageorgiou, Ismini 
2Oct-2017Computer aided detection in prostate cancer diagnostics: A promising alternative to biopsy? A retrospective study from 104 lesions with histological ground truthThon, Anika ; Teichgräber, Ulf ; Tennstedt-Schenk, Cornelia ; Hadjidemetriou, Stathis ; Winzler, Sven ; Malich, Ansgar ; Papageorgiou, Ismini