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1Apr-2009On forecasting daily stock volatility: The role of intraday information and market conditionsFuertes, Ana Maria ; Izzeldin, Marwan ; Kalotychou, Elena 
2Oct-2020Linking integrative plant physiology with agronomy to sustain future plant productionLangensiepen, Matthias ; Jansen, Marcel ; Wingler, Astrid ; Demmig-Adams, Barbara ; Adams, William W.I.I. ; Dodd, Ian C. ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Snowdon, Rod John ; Fenollosa, Erola ; De Tullio, Mario C. ; Buck-Sorlin, Gerhard H. ; Munné-Bosch, Sergi 
3Sep-2019The information content of forward momentsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Kagkadis, Anastasios ; Philip, Dennis ; Taamouti, Abderrahim 
4Mar-2011The formation of bound residues of diazinon in four UK soils: Implications for risk assessmentFenlon, Kate ; Andreou, Kostas ; Jones, Kevin ; Semple, Kirk 
516-Apr-2019Facing climate change: biotechnology of iconic Mediterranean woody cropsDe Ollas, Carlos ; Morillón, Raphaël ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Puértolas, Jaime ; Ollitrault, Patrick ; Gómez-Cadenas, Aurelio ; Arbona, Vicent 
6Jan-2011The extractability and mineralisation of cypermethrin aged in four UK soilsFenlon, Katie A ; Andreou, Kostas ; Jones, Kevin C ; Semple, Kirk T 
7Sep-2018Differences in options investors’ expectations and the cross-section of stock returnsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Kagkadis, Anastasios ; Philip, Dennis ; Tuneshev, Ruslan