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112-Jun-2019Visiting the “enemy”: visitation in politically unstable destinationsFarmaki, Anna ; Antoniou, Katerina ; Christou, Prokopis A. Tourism Review 
2Jun-2020Travel selfies on social networks, narcissism and the “attraction-shading effect”Christou, Prokopis A. ; Farmaki, Anna ; Saveriades, Alexis ; Georgiou, Marios Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 
313-Nov-2020Tourists’ perceptions regarding the use of anthropomorphic robots in tourism and hospitalityChristou, Prokopis A. ; Simillidou, Aspasia ; Stylianou, Maria C. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 
4Mar-2020Tourist experience: The catalyst role of tourism in comforting melancholy, or notChristou, Prokopis A. ; Simillidou, Aspasia Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 
518-Feb-2015Stakeholder Perceptions of the Role of Low-cost Carriers in Insular Tourism Destinations: The Case of CyprusFarmaki, Anna ; Papatheodorou, Andreas Tourism Planning and Development 
6Mar-2014Satisfaction with the rural tourism product of CyprusFarmaki, Anna International Journal of Tourism Policy 
72014Responsible tourism in Cyprus: The rhetoric and the realityFarmaki, Anna ; Constanti, Panayiotis ; Yiasemi, Irene ; Karis, Phidias Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes 
827-May-2015Regional network governance and sustainable tourismFarmaki, Anna Tourism Geographies 
9Apr-2015Politics and sustainable tourism: The case of cyprusFarmaki, Anna ; Altinay, Levent ; Botterill, David ; Hilke, Sarina Tourism Management 
10Jan-2017Politicising dark tourism sites: evidence from CyprusFarmaki, Anna ; Antoniou, Katerina Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes 
111-Jun-2019Personality Traits, Consumer Animosity, and Foreign Product Avoidance: The Moderating Role of Individual Cultural CharacteristicsTokar, Sergii ; Leonidou, Leonidas C. ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Kvasova, Olga Journal of International Marketing 
127-Sep-2015On the conditions for the cooperative relations between family businesses: The role of trustHadjielias, Elias ; Poutziouris, Panikkos Zata International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research 
13Jan-2021How do digital innovation teams function? Understanding the team cognition-process nexus within the context of digital transformationHadjielias, Elias ; Dada, Lola ; Discua Cruz, Allan Fernando ; Christofi, Michael ; Zekas, Stavros ; Sakka, Georgia Journal of Business Research 
14Jan-2019Guests’ perceptions of emotionally expressive and non-expressive service providers within the hospitality contextChristou, Prokopis A. ; Avloniti, Anthi ; Farmaki, Anna International Journal of Hospitality Management 
152-Oct-2017Growth and Impacts of All-Inclusive Holiday Packages: Echoes from the IndustryFarmaki, Anna ; Georgiou, Marios ; Christou, Prokopis A. Tourism Planning and Development 
161-Jan-2015Family involvement and firm performance: Evidence from UK listed firmsPoutziouris, Panikkos Zata ; Savva, Christos S. ; Hadjielias, Elias 
17Apr-2021Dynamic familiness capabilities and family business growth: A longitudinal perspective framed within management accountingGlyptis, Loukas ; Hadjielias, Elias ; Christofi, Michael ; Kvasova, Olga ; Vrontis, Demetris Journal of Business Research 
182-Aug-2013Dark tourism revisited: A supply/demand conceptualisationFarmaki, Anna International Journal of Culture, Tourism, and Hospitality Research 
191-Sep-2019Contextualizing compliance officers and their state of practiceKrambia-Kapardis, Maria ; Stylianou, Ioanna ; Demetriou, Salomi Business and Society Review 
202021Consumer cosmopolitanism in international marketing research: a systematic review and future research agendaMakrides, Anna ; Kvasova, Olga ; Thrassou, Alkis ; Hadjielias, Elias ; Ferraris, Alberto International Marketing Review