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Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes
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Combining industry data with secondary research and views of practitioners, each issue provides practical solutions. It is the only journal to stand back, ask the big questions and take a considered look at how academic analysis might assist practitioners in a meaningful way. Each issue contains: Answers to a strategic challenge facing tourism hospitality. A summary of relevant literature on the theme. Discussion/'thought pieces’ with practitioners responsible for dealing with the specific industry challenge. Implementable and practical management action. The journal takes a unique format. Each issue is themed and addresses a significant hospitality / tourism challenge. The outcomes from each issue must be implementable and make a practical contribution to the sustainable development of the worldwide hospitality and tourism industry.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2017Politicising dark tourism sites: evidence from CyprusFarmaki, Anna ; Antoniou, Katerina 
22014Responsible tourism in Cyprus: The rhetoric and the realityFarmaki, Anna ; Constanti, Panayiotis ; Yiasemi, Irene ; Karis, Phidias