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128-Jan-2008X-ray stability and response of polymeric photodiodes for imaging applicationsKeivanidis, Panagiotis E. ; Greenham, Neil C. ; Sirringhaus, Henning ; Friend, Richard H. ; Blakesley, James C. ; Speller, Robert ; Campoy-Quiles, Mariano ; Agostinelli, Tiziano ; Bradley, Donal D.C. ; Nelson, Jenny Applied Physics Letters 
2Oct-2014Working memory load and distraction: dissociable effects of visual maintenance and cognitive controlKonstantinou, Nikos ; Beal, Eleanor ; King, Jean-Remi ; Lavie, Nilli Attention, perception & psychophysics 
314-Mar-2022Working as a Healthcare Professional and Wellbeing During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Work Recovery Experiences and Need for Recovery as MediatorsRus, Claudia Lenuţa ; Oţoiu, Cătălina ; Băban, Adriana Smaranda ; Vâjâean, Cristina ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Karekla, Maria ; Gloster, Andrew Frontiers in Psychology 
42018Why volubility can predict the success of cochlear implantation: A last decade reviewBinos, Paris ; Polemikou, Anna ; Loizou, Elena Australasian Medical Journal 
51990What is a deep expert system? An analysis of first-generation limitations and a review of second-generation architecturesKeravnou-Papailiou, Elpida 
611-Nov-2021What influences people's responses to public health messages for managing risks and preventing infectious diseases? A rapid systematic review of the evidence and recommendationsGhio, Daniela ; Lawes-Wickwar, Sadie ; Tang, Mei Yee ; Epton, Tracy ; Howlett, Neil ; Jenkinson, Elizabeth ; Stanescu, Sabina ; Westbrook, Juliette ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Watson, Daniella ; Sutherland, Lisa ; Stanulewicz, Natalia ; Guest, Ella ; Scanlan, Daniel ; Carr, Natalie ; Chater, Angel ; Hotham, Sarah ; Thorneloe, Rachael ; Armitage, Christopher J. ; Arden, Madelynne ; Hart, Jo ; Byrne-Davis, Lucie ; Keyworth, Christopher BMJ open 
71-Jun-2021Using virtual patients to explore the clinical reasoning skills of medical students: Mixed methods studyPlackett, Ruth ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Timmis, Jessica ; Sheringham, Jessica ; Schartau, Patricia ; Kambouri, Maria Journal of Medical Internet Research 
82016Using new technologies in psycho-oncologyKassianos, Angelos P. International Journal of Psychology 
92015Using Infrared laser absorption to measure hydrocarbon concentration in a lean-burn, stratified-charge, spark-ignition engineHardalupas, Yannis ; Soulopoulos, Nikolaos ; Taylor, Alexander ; Aleiferis, Pavlos G. ; Urata, Yasuhiro ; Charalambides, Alexandros G. Combustion Science and Technology 
102020Use of Social Media to Promote Cancer Screening and Early Diagnosis: Scoping ReviewPlackett, Ruth ; Kaushal, Aradhna ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Cross, Aaron ; Lewins, Douglas ; Sheringham, Jessica ; Waller, Jo ; von Wagner, Christian Journal of Medical Internet Research 
112020Use of social media for cancer prevention and early diagnosis: scoping review protocolKaushal, Aradhna ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Sheringham, Jessica ; Waller, Jo ; von Wagner, Christian BMJ open 
121-Jan-2021The use of proxies and proxy-reported measures: a report of the international society for quality of life research (ISOQOL) proxy task forceRoydhouse, Jessica K. ; Cohen, Matthew L. ; Eshoj, Henrik R. ; Corsini, Nadia ; Yucel, Emre ; Rutherford, Claudia ; Wac, Katarzyna ; Berrocal, Allan ; Lanzi, Alyssa ; Nowinski, Cindy ; Roberts, Natasha ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Sebille, Veronique ; King, Madeleine T. ; Mercieca-Bebber, Rebecca Quality of Life Research 
135-Jun-2021Transmission of Vaccination Attitudes and Uptake Based on Social Contagion Theory: A Scoping ReviewKonstantinou, Pinelopi ; Georgiou, Katerina ; Kumar, Navin ; Kyprianidou, Maria ; Nicolaides, Christos ; Karekla, Maria ; Kassianos, Angelos P. Vaccines 
14Sep-1993Towards competent information acquisition interactions between an expert system and its userWashbrook, John ; Dams, F. ; Keravnou-Papailiou, Elpida Knowledge-Based Systems 
151989Towards a generalized model of diagnostic behaviourJohnson, Leslie ; Keravnou-Papailiou, Elpida 
16Jun-2021Theoretical Investigation of the Deactivation of Ni Supported Catalysts for the Catalytic Deoxygenation of Palm Oil for Green Diesel ProductionHafeez, Sanaa ; Al-Salem, Sultan M. ; Papageridis, Kyriakos N. ; Charisiou, Nikolaos D. ; Goula, Maria A. ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas Catalysts 
171990A temporal reasoning framework used in the diagnosis of skeletal dysplasiasWashbrook, John ; Keravnou-Papailiou, Elpida 
186-Jan-2022A systematic review of behaviour change techniques used in interventions to increase physical activity among breast cancer survivorsHailey, Verity ; Rojas-Garcia, Antonio ; Kassianos, Angelos P. Breast Cancer 
192019A systematic review and meta-analysis of interventions incorporating behaviour change techniques to promote breastfeeding among postpartum womenKassianos, Angelos P. ; Ward, Emma ; Rojas-Garcia, Antonio ; Kurti, Allison ; Mitchell, Fiona C ; Nostikasari, Dian ; Payton, Jamie ; Pascal-Saadi, Julian ; Spears, Claire Adams ; Notley, Caitlin Health Psychology Review 
209-Jul-2020Surface tension driven flow of blood in a rectangular microfluidic channel: Effect of erythrocyte aggregationPasias, Dimitris ; Passos, Andreas ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Balabani, Stavroula ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios Physics of Fluids