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Introduction There is an evidence showing that when nurses have to allocate their time because of a lack of resources, older patients and especially those with dementia have a secondary care priority. The purpose of this study is to advance the level of knowledge, promote positive attitudes of nurses and reduce care deficits towards people with dementia through the implementation of a training programme. The programme will be enriched by an observational study of the care of patients with dementia to identify areas of missed care. Method and analysis This study will follow a mixed methodology consisting of three stages: (1) evaluation of the level of nurses' knowledge and attitudes towards dementia care through the use of structured questionnaires, (2) observational study to evaluate nursing care in hospital settings, in order to detect any missed care and (3) quasi-experimental study, with a before-and-after design, through the implementation of the training programme in order to increase nurses' knowledge, improve attitudes and consequently to promote care for patients with dementia. The data will be analysed with descriptive and inferential statistics with the use of the SPSS V.24.0 and with content analysis as regard to the observational data. Ethics and dissemination The protocol was approved by the National Bioethics committee and other local committees (ηη: 2018.01.02). The participants will give their informed consent and the anonymity and confidentiality. Also, the protection of data will be respected. The results of the study will be disseminated in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. If the intervention is successful, the training package will be given to the continuous education unit of the National Professional Association in order to be used on a regular basis.
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