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12014«‘Writing Trauma:’ Giving Voice to a Wound that Seems to Defy Representation, in Contemporary Cypriot Art»Antoniou, Klitsa ; Danos, Antonis Intervalla: Platform for Intellectual Exchange 
22021Workload Characterization and Traffic Analysis for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces within 6G Wireless SystemsSaeed, Taqwa ; Abadal, Sergi ; Liaskos, Christos ; Pitsillides, Andreas ; Taghvaee, Hamidreza ; Cabellos-Aparicio, Albert ; Soteriou, Vassos ; Alarcon, Eduard ; Akyildiz, Ian ; Lestas, Marios IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 
317-Jun-2015A virtual emergency telemedicine serious game in medical training: A quantitative, professional feedback-informed evaluation studyNicolaidou, Iolie ; Antoniades, Athos ; Constantinou, Riana ; Marangos, Charis ; Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos C. ; Bamidis, Panagiotis ; Dafli, Eleni ; Pattichis, Constantinos S. Journal of Medical Internet Research 
41-Apr-2011Use of field spectroscopy for exploring the impact of atmospheric effects on landsat 5 TM/7 ETM+ satellite images intended for hydrological purposes in CyprusPapadavid, George ; Perdikou, Paraskevi N. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. GIScience and Remote Sensing 
52009Ultrasound image texture analysis of the intima and media layers of the common carotid artery and its correlation with age and genderLoizou, Christos P. ; Pantziaris, Marios ; Pattichis, Marios S. ; Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos C. ; Pattichis, Constantinos S. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 
61-Mar-2014Two step sintering process and metal grid design optimization for highly efficient ITO free organic photovoltaicsNeophytou, Marios ; Georgiou, Efthymios ; Fyrillas, Marios M. ; Choulis, Stelios A. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 
7Jun-2020Towards fault adaptive routing in metasurface controller networksKouzapas, Dimitrios ; Skitsas, Constantinos ; Saeed, Taqwa ; Soteriou, Vassos ; Lestas, Marios ; Philippou, Anna ; Abadal, Sergi ; Liaskos, Christos ; Petrou, Loukas ; Georgiou, Julius ; Pitsillides, Andreas Journal of Systems Architecture 
8Dec-2020Thermal performance of brick and stone masonry: Cumulative heat flux dataset for main orientations and under diverse seasonal conditionsGeorgiou, Loukas ; Panteli, Christiana ; Kylili, Angeliki ; Fokaides, Paris A. Data in brief 
927-Sep-2017Texture feature variability in ultrasound video of the atherosclerotic carotid plaqueLoizou,  Christos P. ; Pattichis, Constantinos S. ; Pantziaris, Marios ; Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos C. ; Nicolaides, Andrew IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine 
10May-2011Switching manipulator control for motion on constrained surfacesPapageorgiou, Xanthi ; Tanner, Herbert G. ; Loizou, Savvas ; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J. Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 
1115-Apr-2012Superstructure Fiber Gratings via Single Step Femtosecond Laser InscriptionKalli, Kyriacos ; Davies, Edward M. ; Komodromos, Michael ; Allsop, Thomas P. ; Webb, David ; Zhang, Lin ; Koutsides, Charalambos Journal of Lightwave Technology 
12Sep-2011Spectral characteristics and thermal evolution of long-period gratings in photonic crystal fibers fabricated with a near-IR radiation femtosecond laser using point-by-point inscriptionKalli, Kyriacos ; Allsop, Thomas P. ; Zhou, Kaiming ; Smith, Graham N. ; Komodromos, Michael ; Petrović, Jovana S. ; Webb, David ; Bennion, Ian Journal of the Optical Society of America B 
131-Mar-2016Spatial variability of fine and coarse particle composition and sources in CyprusAchilleos, Souzana ; Wolfson, Jack M. ; Ferguson, Stephen ; Kang, Choongmin ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Hadjicharalambous, Marios ; Achilleos, Constantia ; Christodoulou, Andri ; Nisantzi, Argyro ; Papoutsa, Christiana ; Themistocleous, Kyriacos ; Athanasatos, Spyros ; Perdikou, Paraskevi N. ; Koutrakis, Petros Atmospheric Research 
1415-Jun-2018Solar water heating for social housing: Energy analysis and Life Cycle AssessmentSouliotis, Manolis ; Panaras, Giorgos ; Fokaides, Paris A. ; Papaefthimiou, Spiros ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. Energy and Buildings 
152010Smart monitoring of water quality in Asprokremmos Dam in Paphos, Cyprus using satellite remote sensing and wireless-sensor platformHadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Themistocleous, Kyriacos ; Perdikou, Paraskevi N. ; Retalis, Adrianos ; Toulios, Leonidas ; Papoutsa, Christiana Proceedings of SPIE - The international society for optical engineering 
16Jul-2014Shaping the composition profiles in heteroepitaxial quantum dots: Interplay of thermodynamic and kinetic effectsGeorgiou, Christodoulos ; Leontiou, Theodoros ; Kelires, Pantelis C. AIP Advances 
17Sep-2011Sensing properties of femtosecond laser-inscribed long period gratings in photonic crystal fiberKalli, Kyriacos ; Allsop, Thomas P. ; Zhou, Kaiming ; Smith, Graham N. Photonic Sensors 
181-Sep-2014Selected papers from the 9th IFIP international conference on artificial intelligence applications and innovations (AIAI 2013)Papadopoulos, Harris ; Andreou, Andreas S. ; Iliadis, Lazaros S. ; Maglogiannis, Ilias G. Engineering Intelligent Systems 
19Jul-2010A review of noninvasive ultrasound image processing methods in the analysis of carotid plaque morphology for the assessment of stroke riskKyriacou, Efthyvoulos C. ; Pattichis, Constantinos S. ; Pattichis, Marios S. ; Loizou, Christos P. ; Christodoulou, Christodoulos ; Kakkos, Stavros K. ; Nicolaides, Andrew N. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 
20Mar-2014Promotion of wind energy in isolated energy systems: The case of the Orites wind farmFokaides, Paris A. ; Miltiadous, Irene Chrysovalanto ; Neophytou, Marina K A ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy