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12008Τυπογραφικές συμβάσεις για την οπτική απόδοση των ήχων της Κυπριακής διαλέκτουΠαπαδήμα, Ασπασία ; Καφαρίδου, Μαριάννα Υφέν, Βήμα για την Τυπογραφία 
22015Vitamin D Levels and Status Amongst Asthmatic and Non-asthmatic Adolescents in Cyprus: a Comparative Cross-sectional StudyKolokotroni, Ourania ; Μίτλεττον, Νίκος ; Papadopoulou, Anna ; Lamnisos, Demetris ; Raftopoulos, Vasilios ; Kouta, Christiana ; Nicolaidou, Polyxeni BMC Public Health 
31-Mar-2015Visualizing and assessing hypotheses for marine archaeology in a VR CAVE environmentKatsouri, Irene ; Tzanavari, Aimilia ; Herakleous, Kyriakos ; Poullis, Charalambos Journal on Computing and Cultural 
4Jul-2010Victimless deviance: Toward a classification of opposition justificationsStylianou, Stelios Western Criminology Review 
53-May-2020United to end female genital mutilation: an on line knowledge platform for professionals and publicKouta, Christiana ; Kofou, Elina ; Kaili, Christina European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care 
6Mar-2014Temporal abstraction and temporal Bayesian networks in clinical domains: A surveyOrphanou, Kalia ; Stassopoulou, Athena ; Keravnou-Papailiou, Elpida Artificial intelligence in medicine 
7Dec-2011Surgical patient satisfaction as an outcome of nurses’ caring behaviors: a descriptive and correlational study in six european countriesMerkouris, Anastasios ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Tomietto, Marco ; Suhonen, Riitta A. ; Efstathiou, Georgios ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Jarosova, Darja ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena T. ; Patiraki, Elisabeth I. ; Karlou, Chryssoula ; Balogh, Zoltán Journal of Nursing Scholarship 
8May-2010Student nurses experience of learning in the clinical environmentTsangari, Haritini ; Saarikoski, Mikko ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini Nurse Education in Practice 
9Apr-2021Strategies to prevent missed nursing care: An international qualitative study based upon a positive deviance approachLonghini, Jessica ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Efstathiou, Georgios ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Stemmer, Renate ; Ströhm, Christina ; Schubert, Maria ; De Wolf-Linder, Susanne ; Palese, Alvisa Journal of Nursing Management 
10Jan-2014Standard addition HPLC method for the determination of a-tocopherol in plasma samples of adolescent swimmersPistos, Constantinos M. ; Vlachou, Myrsini ; Theiakodimitri, Vassiliki ; Philippou, Elena ; Petrou, Michael ; Middleton, Nicos ; Panderi, Irene E. ; Gkikas, Evangelos ; Papoutsis, Ioannis I. ; Spiliopoulou, Chara A. ; Athanaselis, Sotiris A. Pharmakeftiki 
111-Oct-2020Stakeholder dynamics of contextual ambidextrous capabilities and authenticity: A conceptual synchronisation for competitive advantageShams, S. M. Riad ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Thrassou, Alkis ; Themistocleous, Christos ; Christofi, Michael Journal of General Management 
122015Small-Area Mapping of Premature Mortality and its Association with Area Socio-Economic Characteristics on the Small Island of CyprusZannoupas, G. ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Kouta, Christiana ; Pavlou, P. ; Kolokotroni, O. ; Lamnisos, Demetris ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Middleton, Nicos International Journal of Epidemiology 
132009Screening for lead exposure in children in BelizeCharalambous, Andreas ; Demoliou, Katie ; Mendez, Marco A L ; Coye, Robert B. ; Solorzano, Giovanni ; Papanastasiou, Elena C. Pan American Journal of Public Health 
14Apr-2014The relationship between surgical patients and nurses characteristics with their perceptions of caring behaviors: a European surveyPatiraki, Elisabeth ; Karlou, Chryssoula ; Efstathiou, Georgios ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Jarosova, Darja ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena ; Suhonen, Riitta ; Balogh, Zoltan ; Palese, Alvisa ; Tomietto, Marco ; Papastavrou, Evridiki Clinical Nursing Research 
15Feb-2010Real-time performance evaluation of asynchronous time division traffic-aware and delay-tolerant scheme in ad hoc sensor networksMavromoustakis, Constandinos X. ; Karatza, Helen D. International Journal of Communication Systems 
16Jun-2014Rationing of nursing care within professional environmental constraints: a correlational studyPapastavrou, Evridiki ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Tsangari, Haritini ; Schubert, Maria ; De Geest, Sabina Clinical Nursing Research 
172019Randomblocks: A transparent, verifiable blockchain-based system for random numbersChristodoulou, Klitos ; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. ; Sirakoulis, Georgios Ch ; Christodoulou, Panayiotis Journal of Cellular Automata 
189-Aug-2017Public engagement in setting healthcare priorities: A ranking exercise in CyprusFarmakas, Antonis ; Theodorou, Mamas ; Galanis, Petros ; Karayiannis, Georgios ; Ghobrial, Stefanos ; Polyzos, Nikos ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Agapidaki, Eirini ; Souliotis, Kyriakos Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation 
19Sep-2015Psychometric Testing of the Greek Version of the Clinical Learning Environment-Teacher (CLES+T)Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Dimitriadou, Maria ; Tsangari, Haritini Global journal of health science 
201-Apr-2018Prevalence of breast-feeding and exclusive breast-feeding at 48 h after birth and up to the sixth month in Cyprus: The BrEaST start in life projectEconomou, Mary ; Kolokotroni, Ourania ; Paphiti-Demetriou, Irene ; Kouta, Christiana ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni ; Hadjiona, Vasiliki ; Tryfonos, Froso ; Philippou, Elena ; Middleton, Nicos Public Health Nutrition