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Nov-2010Food safety management systems (FSMS) in the dairy industry: A reviewBintsis, Thomas ; Papademas, Photis 
27-Oct-2017Global cheesemaking technology: cheese quality and characteristicsPapademas, Photis ; Bintsis, Thomas 
Aug-2002Microbiological quality of white-brined cheeses: A reviewBintsis, Thomas ; Papademas, Photis 
27-Oct-2017An overview of the cheesemaking processBintsis, Thomas ; Papademas, Photis 
27-Oct-2017PrefacePapademas, Photis ; Bintsis, Thomas 
15-Sep-2017Preface : Global Cheesemaking Technology: Cheese Quality and CharacteristicsPapademas, Photis ; Bintsis, Thomas 
27-Oct-2017Whey cheeses (heat coagulated)Papademas, Photis ; Bintsis, Thomas ; Alichanidis, Efstathios S. ; Ardo, Ylva 
27-Oct-2017White-brined cheesesBintsis, Thomas ; Alichanidis, Efstathios ; Uzunsoy, İrem ; Özer, Barbaros ; Papademas, Photis ; Radulovic, Zorica ; Miocinovic, Jelena