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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2007Rate-dependent micromechanical model applied to wave propagation through rough interfacesMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
224-Mar-2008Parametric studies of wave propagation through imperfect interfaces using micromechanics based effective stiffnessMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
31-Jan-2004Multi-asperity contact model for wave propagation through rock jointMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
41-Dec-2008Micromechanics of rough interfacesMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
531-Oct-2006Micromechanical property quantification using scanning acoustic microscopyWang, Y. ; Spencer, P. ; Misra, A. ; Marangos, Orestes ; Katz, J. L. 
65-May-2009Effect of contact viscosity and roughness on interface stiffness and wave propagationMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
71-Dec-2006Application of a micromechanical model to wave propagation through nonlinear rough interfaces under stressMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.