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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2010Adhesive/dentin interface: The weak link in the composite restorationEslick, John ; Bohaty, Brenda S. ; Camarda, Kyle ; Park, Jonggu ; Wang, Yong ; Singh, Viraj ; Marangos, Orestes ; Sene, Fabio ; Katz, J. Lawrence ; Ye, Qiang ; Spencer, Paulette ; Topp, Elizabeth M. ; Misra, Anil S. 
21-Dec-2006Application of a micromechanical model to wave propagation through nonlinear rough interfaces under stressMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
3Dec-2018Compressive properties of granular foams of adhesively bonded steel hollow sphere blocksYiatros, Stylianos ; Marangos, Orestes ; Votsis, Renos ; Brennan, Feargal P. 
41-Jan-2013Dentin/adhesive interface in teethSpencer, Paulette ; Park, Jonggu ; Marangos, Orestes ; Bohaty, Brenda S. ; Parthasarathy, Ranganathan ; Misra, Anil S.; Singh, Viraj ; Ye, Qiang ; Laurence, Jennifer S. 
528-Oct-2016Dentinoenamel junction: Motif for interfacial mechanics of dissimilar materialsSpencer, P. ; Marangos, Orestes ; Misra, A. 
65-May-2009Effect of contact viscosity and roughness on interface stiffness and wave propagationMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
71-Sep-2011Fatigue life prediction of dentin-adhesive interface using micromechanical stress analysisSingh, Viraj ; Park, Jonggu ; Spencer, Paulette ; Ye, Qiang ; Kieweg, Sarah L. ; Marangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
81-Dec-2015Localized buckling in sandwich struts with inhomogeneous deformations in both face platesYiatros, Stylianos ; Marangos, Orestes ; Wadee, M. Ahmer ; Georgiou, Christodoulos 
91-Jan-2014Mechanics of hard tissueMisra, Anil S.; Ye, Qiang ; Katz, J. Lawrence ; Spencer, Paulette ; Marangos, Orestes 
1015-Jul-2004Micromechanical analysis of dentin/adhesive interface by the finite element methodMarangos, Orestes ; Spencer, Paulette ; Wang, Yong ; Katz, J. Lawrence ; Misra, Anil S.
1113-Aug-2008Micromechanical model of rough contact between rock blocks with application to wave propagationMisra, Anil S.; Marangos, Orestes 
1231-Oct-2006Micromechanical property quantification using scanning acoustic microscopyWang, Y. ; Spencer, P. ; Misra, A. ; Marangos, Orestes ; Katz, J. L. 
131-Dec-2008Micromechanics of rough interfacesMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
141-Sep-2018Modeling micromechanical measurements of depth-varying properties with scanning acoustic microscopyMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S. 
151-Jan-2004Multi-asperity contact model for wave propagation through rock jointMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
161-Jan-2008On the anisotropic elastic properties of woodsKatz, J. Lawrence ; Friis, Lisa ; Misra, Anil S.; Marangos, Orestes ; Wang, Yong ; Spencer, Paulette 
1724-Mar-2008Parametric studies of wave propagation through imperfect interfaces using micromechanics based effective stiffnessMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.
1810-May-2005Parametric study of the effect of phase anisotropy on the micromechanical behaviour of dentin-adhesive interfacesSpencer, Paulette ; Wang, Yong ; Misra, Anil S.; Katz, J. Lawrence ; Marangos, Orestes 
191-May-2009Physico-mechanical properties determination using microscale homotopic measurements: Application to sound and caries-affected primary tooth dentinMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S. ; Spencer, Paulette ; Bohaty, Brenda ; Katz, J. Lawrence 
204-Apr-2012Quantitative Analysis of Aqueous Phase Composition of Model Dentin Adhesives Experiencing Phase SeparationSpencer, Paulette ; Park, Jonggu ; Misra, Anil S. ; Ye, Qiang ; Laurence, Jennifer S. ; Pamatmat, Francis ; Parthasarathy, Ranganathan ; Marangos, Orestes