Christodoulou, Christos A. (rp06357)

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11-Jun-2023Effects of dietary pomegranate seed oil addition to diets for laying hens on fatty acid profile of eggsPappas, Athanasios C. ; Charisi, A. ; Chatziantoniou, Ch M. ; Giamouri, Elisavet ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Moschopoulos, V. ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Papadomichelakis, George ; Kotsampasi, Basiliki M. ; Mitsopoulos, Ioannis ; Tsiplakou, Eleni ; Bampidis, Vasileios A. 
21-Mar-2023Sustainable Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction in Small Ruminants FarmingGiamouri, Elisavet ; Zisis, Foivos ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Simitzis, Panagiotis E ; Kamilaris, Charalampos ; Galliou, Fenia ; Manios, Thrassyvoulos ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
31-Feb-2023An Overview of Poultry Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Mediterranean AreaZisis, Foivos ; Giamouri, Elisavet ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Kamilaris, Charalampos ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
41-Mar-2021Effects of dietary pomegranate seed cake supplementation on performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of growing lambsKotsampasi, Basiliki M. ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Bampidis, Vasileios A. ; Christodoulou, Vladimiros F. ; Chronopoulou, Evangelia G. ; Labrou, Nikolaos E ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
53-Dec-2020Dietary Supplementation of a Live Yeast Product on Dairy Sheep Milk Performance, Oxidative and Immune Status in Peripartum PeriodMavrommatis, Alexandros ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Karabinas, Dimitris ; Nenov, Valentin ; Zervas, George ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
6Aug-2017Evolution of PV systems in Greece and review of applicable solutions for higher penetration levelsKyritsis, Anastasios Ch. ; Voglitsis, Dionisios ; Papanikolaou, Nick P. ; Tselepis, Stathis ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Gonos, Ioannis F. ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. Renewable Energy